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Category: Romance
A scientist by the name of Harper Stulks goes about another day doing her job as the primary caretaker and analyst for a young boy, Yanpu who was born with an unusual capability that has the potential to restore their country. Unfortunately, her work is drastically interrupted when she wakes up to see her entire workplace stained in the blood of her coworkers.

Fearing that something may have happened to Yanpu, she encounters an ex-serviceman, who disappeared a decade before after going insane. She'll have to face several challenges to protect the child she loves as her own and face the devilish man who seeks to ruin everything she's worked for.

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She has been imprisoned her whole life. She has never seen sunlight. Never been let out of her cage. One night His shadow heard her lonely heart calling and he brings her to a new place, an island. Full of magic and the essence of believing, she is taken on a journey that is full of new experiences and a love that cannot be broken. One that defeats the most powerful evil and brings the most unlikely of family together.i don't know i suck at whatever this is suppose ta be. sorry! i promise the book will be better.

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#1 - serpentine (12/10/18)#1 - Fangtom (6/9/19)#1 - Skales (4/18/20)#1 - Skalidor (4/18/20)My first story on here. So this will take place as the serpentine and people live in peace. You will meet the general's in different ways and start to fall for them. Have fun!!

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Diane a recuperado sus recuerdos gracias a Gowther, pero aรบn asรญ teniendo sus recuerdos de vuelta ella ya sentรญa una gran atracciรณn por el llamado "Rey de las hadas". Al despertar de la prueba que Dolor, Rey de los gigantes, y Gloxinia, el primer Rey de las hadas, ยกLo primero que hizo fue darle un beso a King!ยฟQue sucederรก con ellos luego de eso?Una historia 100% Kiane.Pocas menciones de otras parejas.Advertencia Lemmon.

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Shivaay singh oberoi , the leading business tycoon and anika , an innocent village girl entwined in the sacred knot of marriage but just for 3 months . But ....Whyy ?! Will Annika be able to save her from this " chakravyuh " planned by the oberois ? Will she be able to save her life from getting destroyed ?| Read to know |Author's note - " Don't worry if you don't follow the show ! You can still read the book as its completely different from the show ! Keep supporting and loving guys . XOXO "- Shambhavi โคDETAILS -> GOT THIRD PLACE IN SHIVIKA CATEGORY FANFICTION AWARDS HELD BY @TEEN_FIX Community .-> COVER by - @aspiramdoc Thank you for the amazing cover โ™ก-> MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKS - #50 out of 4.89k stories #111 out of 5.29k stories Thank you for all the love and support guys . Keep the love coming. โค

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se trata de un chico de barrio con su madre y padres con problemas econรณmicos.espero que le guste y comenten que les pareciรณ.....

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