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Luna Prescott is a young special agent and Ace Crawford is the President's son. On one eventful day, she gets given the undercover mission to protect the Ace from the 'danger' in Westside High. Will her physical and mental abilities be enough to keep him safe, let alone survive the torture they call high school?


We carried on walking through the amusement park until he pointed to a game, where you had to shoot down targets to win.

"I bet I will beat you in that." He grabbed my hand and lead me to it.

Little does he know.

"What do I get when I win?" I laughed.

"When? Pshhhh, I will get you a new motorcycle."

I keep on forgetting how rich he is.

"That means I don't need to catch rides with you anymore," I grin, "Game on, loser."

He grabbed his water gun and shot at the cardboard targets and got down 15 out of 20 in the time he had.

"Your turn, cupcake" Ace handed me the water gun.

"Watch and learn, pretty boy." I grabbed the gun and aimed at the targets.

After my two minute go, I shot down 20 out of 20. I turned to him with a smug expression and his mouth hung open.


Luna Prescott is a 17 year old spy who has been working with the Agency for her whole life. Ever since her parents, former spies, had been found 'off the grid' on a mission when she was only 5, the agency took her and her brother in. She has ,since then, been training and going out to missions until her 17th birthday when she finds out what her most important mission of her life is.

Ace Crawford, a 17 year old typical bad boy and he is the president's son. This brings him threats from people who hate his father and dangers that he needs help protecting himself from.

[Started - 2/4/18]
[Finished - 18/ 9/ 19]

#51 Teen Fiction - 26/4/18
#45 Teen Fiction - 28/4/18
#42 Teen Fiction - 4/5/18
#37 Teen Fiction - 6/5/18
#5 Teen Fiction - 9/5/18
#3 Teen Fiction - 11/5/18
#1 Teen Fiction - 17/12/19

cover credits: @mara_cleia

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