Portals are just a Shift away || Solo leveling x reader

Portals are just a Shift away || Solo leveling x reader

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What happens when you're just trying to breathe before you get knocked into a manhwa you read for the plot. The plot? I meant for the mc. One second you were dreaming of being railed by the man, next second you were being railed by Truck-kun. How pleasant. Waking up, you find yourself as an undisclosed fragment of brilliant light. Specifically, the one that stabbed the head with their bare hands. Talk about main character privileges.

[System quest: Help Player 1 level up]
[Rewards: return home]


"L/n Y/n, Player two of the system. A pleasure to meet you player one" A playful smirk.


"From here on out, I'll be your guide." A grin. "So listen carefully alright?"


Other than the prologue, everything else will be written in third and/or second person

Update schedule: Completed

I don't own Solo Leveling!

Sung Jinwoo x Gn! Reader
↪One f!reader smut (chapter 28)
↪ One gn!reader smut (Special 2)
↪ One femdom smut (Special 6 - On Ao3)

Chapter list

- Last updated at 17:31 15-12-2023

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Just a poem

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