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Pop Star || Yoongi x Reader

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[Short Chapters]

Being a pop star means you've got to be on your best behaviour at all times. But what happens when you end up dissing Kpop in front of the biggest Kpop stars in history?

Suga thinks you're fickle when he first meets you - though it doesn't help his case that otherwise, you're exactly his type. He is drawn to your warmth as you're drawn to his no-nonsense attitude.

As fate keeps pushing the two of you together, you wonder if life is just trying to teach you both a lesson or give you a blessing in the form of a person who might end up being your greatest happiness?

Light story. Contains swear words. * - on chapters with very slightly mature content

- Highest Rankings -
#1 in btsboys
#1 in yoongi (out of 109k๐Ÿคฏ)
#1 in btsv
#1 in sugaxreader
#1 in sugaff
#1 in btsrapmonster
#1 in btssuga
#2 in Idollife
#2 in btsjimin
#3 in minyoongi
#5 in kpopidols
#9 in suga (out of 96.8k๐Ÿคฏ)
#2 in fanfiction (out of 1.4m ๐Ÿคฏ)

- Awards -
๐Ÿ† #1 in Fanfiction| The Diamonds Awards
๐Ÿ† #3 in S1| Blue Orangeade Awards
๐Ÿ† #2 in Comedy| Mortal Choir Awards
๐Ÿ† #3 in Hyung Line| B-Side BTS Awards 2022

HUGS if you're reading this.
HUGS even if you're not hehe have some love <3

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