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[FIRST 6 CHAPTERS UNDER MAJOR EDITING - pls continue further before giving up xoxo]
❝ You weren't kidding about having straight As,❞ is probably one of the last things I want to hear from a guy while we're stranded on an island at night in the rain with my now semi-transparent shirt clinging to my body.

But to be honest, it's one of the smaller problems I've had so far at Pemberton Academy.
Daisy Sorenson is a new transfer to the illustrious halls of Pemberton Academy, ruled by the notoriously rich and gorgeous Top Four: Parker Lennox, Holden Vermont, Logan Green and Stephanie Carter.

A coincidence, followed by an impulsive decision hurls her headfirst into yacht parties, a rich boy's jersey, a fake relationship, being marooned on an island in the middle of the night and possibly even love.

If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that her wish for a quiet, drama-free senior year has gone up in flames.

i guarantee it isn't as cliche as it sounds pls give me a chance xoxo
COMPLETE: 4 Jul 2020

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