Playing His Game

Playing His Game

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"You okay there, partner?" he chuckled.
Our bodies were centimeters away from touching so I took a step back. A fatal mistake, which caused my back to hit the wall, trapping me in front of him.

He smiled.
Audrey has never considered anything about herself special. Hell, even her name is boring! But when her best friends brother is assigned as her partner for a project, they are forced to spend lots of time together.
Not only is Trent Blake cocky, too handsome for his own good and just plain obnoxious, he's also known for flirting (and sometimes hooking up) with every girl he meets. What happens when it becomes more than just flirting? Can little Audrey Ross beat the player at his own game?

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Новая Жизнь?

Пишу первый раз не судите строго

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