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Play of Shadows

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Category: Science Fiction
When hundreds of players are a trapped in various virtual worlds, a team of elite gamers is assembled to save the day. However, not all of them are there to play the hero.

The best virtual reality company in the world is concealing a scandal of business-ending proportions: some of their games have become corrupt, trapping hundreds of players in hyper-reality.

Enter Ann, one among several dozen elite gamers pulled into hero mode by the company.

Ann's got dark history in the gaming world, forcing her to wear a mask in-play in order to protect her real-world identity. She is determined to do her job, get her money, and get out. She is especially keen to remain as far away as possible from her ex, who happens to be on the rescue team as well.

Unfortunately for her, the best laid plans...

...mean nothing to an AI with a crush.

Content warning: This story contains graphic depictions of violence and death.

Cover: Commissioned artwork by the talented Anndr at DeviantArt

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