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Aquamarine (Aqua) is a 4 year old who since she was 2 has been abused by her father because her mother died during child labor. Because of all the abuse she is deaf in her left ear. Apollo Blaze the leader of the Greek mafia the most powerful and feared mafia in the world. He has 6 sons and a beautiful wife. The family has always wanted a daughter but lost all hope when his wife had a miscarriage with what would have been their first girl. What happens when he stumbles upon Aqua? Will he take her home? Will his family accept her as theirs? Read to find out.
Urdu Shayari

The world of poemsHope you like it
Destiny's Play!!

This is a story about how sometimes it takes a stranger we might have nothing in common with, teach us how truly we can live our lives. Two very different people falling in love and cherishing what they have found together. Meet Avni & Karan each of them being polar opposites but bound with a invisible thread ... both healing each other and discovering new aspects about themselves ....This story is a work of pure imagination and is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anybody. The characters bear no resemblance to anybody dead or alive.
Sex Therapy

In a steamy sexy world filled with drama and scandal sex should come easy especially if you're married. Right? No wrong. Things for these couples are far from bliss and a little bit of D won't help them! Read this crazy, hilarious erotica to find how real freaks get down.
Chasing Wild Hearts [1]

[Previously known as Chase Me Alpha. The Alpha series can be found on Inkitt]Keeping a secret that could change the way people think about you is hard. Skylar Chance keeps that secret. She's kept it for years and no one can make her say it. Not even an Alpha that tortures her. Running away from one Alpha to become a mate of another Alpha? It's not something she wanted. Ever. The Moon Goddess works in wonders sometimes. Alpha Damien. The youngest, most ruthless and merciless Alpha to walk the Earth. They say he has a frozen heart. They say he shows no mercy to those who try to come for him and his Pack. The Blood Moon Pack. They say a lot of things about him. What will Skylar say when she finds out he's her mate? Will she keep her secret?
Shadow and Stars

THIS STORY WILL BECOME FREE ON OCTOBER 9, 2023!|2021 + 2022 WATTY'S SHORTLIST|Face your dark side before it comes looking for you. When Camryn Young's boyfriend insists he's caught her cheating, that's just the first in a chain of accusations of betrayals and wrongdoings. There's only one problem...Camryn can't remember doing any of it. Feeling as if she's losing her grip on reality, Camryn is certain things can't get any worse. That is until she ignites a fire with nothing more than her mind in front of a peculiar boy she hardly knows. Now, Camryn must face the possibility that she doesn't know who she really is or what she is capable of. And that just maybe, a dark magic is working to destroy her life.**Thank you to the amazing @CrystalJJohnson for the beautiful cover!*
Pieces Of Aamirah

She was lost, but He found her. ***It wasn't the way she flinched whenever someone touched her hand, or how she bites her lip to stop her tears from falling but the way he could easily detect her broken pieces even from afar. And that alone makes him determined to find her broken pieces.. Not to mention her enchanting beauty.
ETB #1: Lost in Blank Stares

A boring BL story that needs revision!

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Musically inclined

Leafy was never really into logical things. Math, Science, and even English. When it comes to school subjects, Leafy would proudly state that she was the best in music. Singing? Teaching herself the piano? All her Forte. She was considered one of those weirdos in school for loving music, and even the weirdos of the school found her weirder than them. Yet she didn't care, Music was her favorite thing in the world.

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Twins brothers (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation x male reader)

Y/n L/n is a shut in who died and now gotten reincarnated into the world of Mushoku TenseiLucky you right this is my first fanfic ever sorry if it's bad anyways I'm only writing this for fun so please don't expect that many chapters so sorry in advance [#4 Jobless] March 28 [#2 Jobless] March 29[#2 mushokutensei] March 31N/A: I do not owe jobless reincarnation,or anything used in this fanfic photos from the light novel,anime photos,etc

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Propane Safety Check Program On Mobile

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Travel API

Flightsreservationsystem provides Travel API, Travel API Cost, Travel API Provider, Booking API to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies globally. For more details, please visit our website:

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Blending In: Drabbles and One Shots

This series is part of a bunch of drabbles set in my crossover fanfiction, Blending In. These are random and will be uploaded at any time, focusing on a variety of characters within the series. This will be set at random times and will attempt to not spoil the main series.

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Si no lo termino, por lo menos lo intenté.Todos los personajes pertenecen a distintas historias exclusivamente escritas por mi.Y ya, si desaparece pues es porque oso mil.

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The Prophecy's Wolf

Mika was never one to feel comfortable around others except when it came to her family. So when Francis, a well respected Alpha, told her that he'll be her brother's protector. She had no choice but to let down her guard.Started: December 26, 2016Words: 13,091

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SHORT STORYWhen Sasha starts developing feelings for liv what happen when liv finds out

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I Became a Big brother's Little Dragon Egg

MTLTitle: I became a big brother's little dragon egg (我变成了大佬的小龙蛋)Author: 暮寒久***Luoan was reborn, but there seems to be something wrong with his rebirth posture. What he saw was a small dark room, and his body became a little strange...He touched the top of his head, there was a pair of small horns, and then he leaned back, and has a tail. With a high probability of being reborn as a human, Luo An took a deepbreath: Is there anyone--"Aooo...?"In order to clarify his current situation, Luo An tried to violently demolish the small black room. Fortunately, the room looked dark, but in fact the walls were thin and fragile, and would shake when kicked.But before he was happy for a few seconds, he saw a group of giants sitting together through a gap...Then the gap was closed from the outside with a snap.Luo An: "..."It must be the wrong way for me to open it.***Pls do not report! Support author!!

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Song Stories

A series of short stories I wrote based off of songs.I need to work on a cover. (T-T)

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