Path Of Eternity

Path Of Eternity

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He left her in middle of nowhere, he was her life, her comfort, her peace but now she saw him lying lifeless infront of her. He won't comeback ever, she need to learn to live without him it's not less than a punishment for her, she lost everything when he breathed his last breath it was a pain which gonna last lifelong.



He lost something precious in his life, he started feeling that he was not capable of relationships, he distanced himself from his family too, he started being cold, he was arrogant for world but only he know how he got betrayed and how broken he was at that time.



Let's see what happens when their world collide, join this roller coaster ride of Anuja, Abhiman and their cute princess Adhiraβ™₯️


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❝This is just my truth,❞

DAGANI BABU TAMBAYA Gajeren Labarine na wata matarda ta auri bako Wanda baasan Asalinsa ba, labarine Mai abun al'ajabi, rikitarwa da kuma kalubalen Rayuwa.

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I'm pretty much going to tell you how I see the way the brain works. It's going to include stuff about the rational and irrational part of the brain and about fears and kind of why I think you and I have them. I think I might talk a lot about fears because they intrigue me.

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Every wolf has a mate the one person they share a bond with the one person they love. Sometimes love is all sunshine and rainbows other times it can be challenging and unfair. Join us into the equaliser series where twists and turns abound but love blossoms in the most unlikely ways

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read the story of how diva a spirit meets a boy and slowly falls in love with him

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A quatercentenary has past since Erdas finally excepted the revival of the Dragon Riders, a legendary order of warriors that vowed to protect all of Erdas from all evil. A quatercentenary since the defeat of the Wyrm, since a Golden Age of Peace settled upon all of Erdas. Peace reigned until a mysterious group shot down and killed a dragon and their Rider, inciting war from the Dragon Riders and their allies. Two years later and Erdas is engulfed in the flames of war as the Dragon Riders, Greencloaks, dragons and the seven nations hunt for the anarchists that brought fourth this conflict.But not all hope is lost. Hope is never lost. It can always be found in the darkest pits of war and death. And that hope lies within Kaelyn, the sole person that holds the key to stopping the war and bringing peace to Erdas once again. That is if she isn't killed first.

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