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Category: Fanfiction
filo au wherein Liz Kim is secretly inlove with her best bud Naoi Rei, who's forever oblivious to her feelings.

mostly liz pov's.

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(OC x Dabi)A pro hero and a villain? Crazy right? People with two different opinions on society, able to stay together? Not unless you to take a risk on it."Didn't leave the fucking window unlocked for me, doll? Ouch, that hurts." He sarcastically said like he was in pain (he was though), shaking his hand that was covered in his blood and small pieces of broken glass as he walked on the shattered glass on my floor to me."Get out Dabi!" I yelled back at him, watching him as he got closer to me and his turquoise eyes staring straight through my soul.MHA DOES NOT BELONG TO ME! INCLUDING SOME OF THE CHARACTERS! THE ORIGINAL MANGA STORY BELONGS TO HORIKOSHI AND THE MADE UP CHARACTERS Yuna, Kiara, Mai, and Hijimo BELONG TO ME! PLEASE RESPECT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR.BOOK COVER ART CREDITS: UNKNOWN BECAUSE I FORGOT TO BOOKMARK THE POST ON TWITTER OF THE ORIGINAL ARTHUR AND I FEEL REALLY BAD.STARTED:FEBRUARY 12, 2021ENDED:----RANKED: #1 for touyatodoroki#1 for Dabi (out of 13.6k stories)#1 for Rei (out of 1.18k stories)#1 for toya (out of 435 stories)#1 for natsuo (out of 228 stories)#1 for todoroki (out of 33.7k stories)----WARNINGS:Cussing, Trauma, Violence, Lemons, Abuse, Mental health (eating disorder, self harm, anger issues), Angst, Smoking, and Drugs

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You own a flower shop that's very popular because of your quirk. Your quirk is nature giving you the ability to grow any type of flower or plant despite the location. You are well known so you do have good business. One day Enji Todoroki your old classmates and ex lover comes in. He asks for flowers for his wife who is in the hospital. Despite the pain you were left with you help him. After that he came over often to get flowers. You didn't talk much. From his perspective it was just business. It bothered you a little seeing him so cold. One day he comes in but he says nothing he just holds you and cries softly. His wife passed away from suicide. You only hold him and try to comfort him. You can only hope that he'll change in some way and that maybe he'll love again.

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I wrote this book a while ago, I don't like most of what's written here. So if you're here to criticize, please don't😏She flinched and moved back a little as he tried to touch her.Alpha's are bad.They get angry easily. They will punish you.She kept repeating to herself as the Alpha came closer.****************After being maltreated by her uncle who was an Alpha and was almost used as a sex slave,Kenzie have lived with a constant fear of all Alpha's.But what will she do when she finds her mate who is also an Alpha.Read the interesting story to find out.2 in #saved1 in #oppositeπŸ₯ΊπŸ€(6th of September)Peace✌

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