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"Writers are artists
Painting and sculpting colourful worlds
From nothing but the spark of potential
Writers are craftsmen
Fashioning fiction from only words"

(The last stanza in my poem "Craftsman", btw).
This book isn't some sort of novel. Nor is it some tedious autobiography. However, it's a bit of everything. It's a...a collection of all things W&Rs (writers and readers) would appreciate and possibly-hopefully-enjoy. See, W&Rs have similar minds-chaotic, adventurous, wild, creative...pandemonious (which may or may not even be a word but it makes sense). In this book of mine, I will include snippets of my own mind-the mind that belongs to both a passionate writer and reader. I will post some bits of my poetry, maybe even some short stories, random Q&A's just for the fun of it, rantings about any sort of fandoms you guys belong to, some of my art and even some awesome aesthetics I think all readers and writers should definitely see!

This is an interactive book. Where all of us can talk, vent and maybe you dudes can gimme some feedback on some of my stories. We can simply help each other.

Look, there's more to us than just ink and paper. We are humans, too. We have beautiful hearts and brilliant minds that are screaming for attention, yet shy away from it. Our hearts and minds can often be overlooked and not many may understand us. So, if you're looking for an opportunity to express yourself, join the PMC (Pandemonious Minds Club). Let us inspire and motivate each other. Let our imagination run free and remain untamed...let our minds be pandemonious.

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