Paired With The Potterhead

Paired With The Potterhead

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Laney Rubia is paired up with the most unlikely partner for her English class.

Nora "The Nerd" Lovegood.

Known as the school's resident nerd and diehard Harry Potter fan, Nora is an easy target for the jocks and popular kids. Even the unpopular kids bully her.

Determined to just get through the project, Laney tries to keep on the down low about her pairing up with Nora but Nora isn't afraid to show it off. Actually she isn't afraid of much. Maybe spiders. And public speaking. And reaching the bottom of a tub of ice cream and realizing there's no more left. Other than that, she's seemingly oblivious to what's going on around her and to her.

Over the course of their project, they learn things about each other-and themselves-that they didn't know before.

#ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights

[Achievements: #128 in Teen Fiction]

© Kersten Noelle

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