Painting The Bad Girl's Portrait

Painting The Bad Girl's Portrait

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Category: Romance
Diana is looking forward to finally finishing high school. Stay out of trouble. Focus only on art. This is Diana's grand plan - until she is assigned to paint the portraits of a girl she can't stand to be around: the school's obnoxious soccer team captain, Alex Perez.


It's senior year. Diana just wants to keep her head low while dealing with a family that is slowly but steadily falling apart and a best-friend-turned-enemy that she could certainly do without. The last thing Diana wants to do is spend her last year of high school painting the portraits of Alex Perez. Everyone loves Alex - she's the town's prodigy and the school's golden girl. But Diana and Alex couldn't be more opposite; put them in an art room together and a disaster is bound to happen.

[[word count: 70,000 - 80,000]]
Cover designed by Ilafi Nastiti


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