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Category: Mystery
Two men are standing facing each other, the space around them is filled with loud gunshots, blood and screams, they are pointing guns at each other with expressionless faces but their eyes are saying something else, their Lots of emotions running through their heart....

Do they listen to their heart??

☆ Contains Depiction of;


◐ Jikook/Minkook ff
◐ Top Jungkook
◐ Bottom Jimin
◐ Sumt/Sex
◐ Sexual Tension
◐ Male pregnancy
◐ Death
◐ Blood
◐ etc.







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Cover by Ylkong2Heavily inspired by other Monix stories!Will contain spoilers for Little Nightmares 2!A young boy who was framed for a crime he didn't commit has been abandoned by humanity and is forced to go into hiding, wearing a bag over his head to keep his true identity secret. Roaming the woods as an outcast, he despises but must learn to get used to the feeling of being alone. His life turns around when he saves a young girl and makes it his top priority to keep her safe from the dangerous monsters they encounter.The question is, has he put his trust in the right person?This is my first fanfiction, so it probably will not be very good. If you have any suggestions / criticism, leave it in the comment section below.
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*Slow updates*After agreeing to be the focus of a college article, senior Charlie Murtaugh gets more than he bargains for when he's assigned a clueless sophomore who knows nothing about the sport. ****A year after staying under the radar due to an injury that almost cost him his career, Charlie Murtaugh has only got one more chance to get the NBA's attention or his dreams of ever going pro get shattered. So he scores an article on the College Paper with hopes of gaining more publicity. Journalism student Lorraine Perabo's first piece as an intern is way out of her comfort zone. Being an antisocial journalist is difficult enough without adding interviewing hot college basketball players to the list, especially when she knows nothing about the game. But what's more daunting is who the focus of her article is- Charlie. The drop-dead gorgeous point guard everyone seems to want to know about. Although these two's relationship starts on a rocky road, they find themselves relying on each other more than expected. In between late interviews and saving each other's asses, they soon realise that lines are easy to cross and that there are no rules regarding matters of the heart. Charlie & Lorraine Book 1 of the UCLA seriescopyrighted ©2020#1 in unexpected romance out of 86 books#1in Journalism out of 1.04k books #2 in journalism out of 1.04k books#4 in collegelife out of 1.5k books#5 in unexpected romance out of 86 books#31 in football out of 1.51k books#380 in newadult out of 1.754 books*This book is only published on Wattpad; please report if seen on another website*

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this is a prompt i found on tiktok.lmao:)

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