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Category: Romance
this story is season 2
before reading this i recommend to read it's first version for better understanding the chapters...

This story revolves around a girl 'aarohi"
girl with different thinking and different plans
but her life brings a twist on her life and everyone changed in blink of eye...


read more to get to know more......
enjoy it...
don't judge a book by its cover...

just read introduction first if u find it interesting than support me by ur votes and comments.....

#1 in friends and family - 2april 2024 🎖️
#3 in family history-2april
#5 in family matters -1 april
#1 in a broken family -23 April
#3 in family - 23 April
#1 in royai- 23 arpil

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- Last updated at 08:05 29-05-2024

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Das Aufklärungsbuch von Herrn Dr. Luke

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Описания кошмара, который мне приснился.

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(complete!)"you're the girl from ba sing se! you're jin!"( avatar: tla )[no characters are mine except for Kyra and Hakan ♡][previously 1 in #azula !!!]

23.1K 29 447 Full