Out of the Shadows ✔️ [Completed] [Book One]

Out of the Shadows ✔️ [Completed] [Book One]

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Category: ChickLit
Book one in the trilogy.


When Lizzie Cooper leaves her cheating husband behind and moves to London, she decides to reinvent herself to bury the horrors of her troubled past.

However, Lizzie is forced to reconsider her self-made isolation when she meets and falls in love with movie star, Daniel Weston.

Reluctantly, Lizzie must try to find a way to open up to Daniel when her past finally catches up with her. Daniel also has demons of his own to fight and their secrets and insecurities threaten to tear them apart.

Add Daniel's passionate fans, vengeful actresses and the media always hot on their heels; are they strong enough to stand together in the light or it is easier to be alone in the darkness?


⭐️WINNER of the Romance category in the Literally Lit Literature Awards 2018 ⭐️

Highest rating #64 in chicklit

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