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What if an Indian girl and a Korean boy fall in love ❤️

Y/n Shah
- Indian
- Beautiful, cute, hot, smart
- 19 years old
- Dark past
- Sensitive girl

Kim Taehyung
- Korean
- Handsome, cute, hot, smart
- 20 years old
- believe someone easily


Y/n - i don't want to talk to you *pout*

Tae - I'm sorry Y/n *pout*

Y/n and Tae - hahahahahah *laugh*


Y/n - w...why ar..are they co....coming i.in m...my dr...dream *crying*


Y/n - T..Tae pl..pls h..help m..me *scared*

Tae - i'm here Y/n don't worry


Tae - let's get married

Y/n - w..what

Tae - Trust me Y/n

Y/n - i trust you Tae


Tae - b..baby pl...pls op..open your ey..eyes *sob*

Tae - you can't leave us l..like this

Tae - Y/NNN!!!!!


If you like it pls vote it 💜💜

Thank you *bow*❤️

Starts - 19 August 2022
End - 06 October 2022

1k - 26 August 2022
2k - 11 September 2022
3k - 19 September 2022
4k - 24 September 2022
5k - 29 September 2022
6k - 3 October 2022
7k - 6 October 2022
8k - 8 October 2022
9k - 12 October 2022
10k - 17 October 2022
20k - 16 November 2022
30k - 13 December 2022
40k - 8 February 2023
50k - 21 April 2023
60k - 5 May 2023
70k - 29 May 2023
80k - 28 July 2023
90k - 13 October 2023
100k - 25 November 2023

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- Last updated at 12:48 25-11-2023

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