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"Stop pining over him El, you can do better."

"I don't want better Lyds, I'm not sure it's even possible. I want him."

[ based off Teen Wolf, Season One. ]

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With the help of a friend, Elizabeth is finally able to leave her abusive husband. She then leaves the city to live with her friend's brother and his fiancé...a very attractive brother...

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With the help of a friend, Elizabeth is finally able to leave her abusive husband. She then leaves the city to live with her friend's brother and his fiancé...a very attractive brother...

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We meet at the wrong time and place, but could it be that the extraordinary situation is the start of finding the perfect person? Fu Yong Jie invited me to a wedding and met the person again that night. Worse, I accepted to have another renter in my house but I had no idea it would be Xiao Li Cheng. *****"Wow, great! Because of you, we are now on this island!" I yelled at Li Cheng, who was staring out at the great ocean. I can't believe I'm here, and to make matters worse, he's with me! I turn around and walk away, unsure of where I'm headed."Hey! Where are you going?!" I heard him but didn't return to look, as if I hadn't heard anything. I'm not sure how long I'd been walking until I came across a large rock and decided to climb it to have a better look around, only to become weary when I discovered there was no other island nearby "Fuck this really is great adventure! when I get back! Fu Yong Jie, I'll kill you!"-☆Shine21 REMINDER: ~Grammar warning!~This is mostly for fanfiction!

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