Opposites Attract. [ON HOLD]

Opposites Attract. [ON HOLD]

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Category: Teen Fiction
BWWM** In which a timid and introverted woman and a confident and civilized man befriend each other after discovering they both go to the same university.

Kilani 'Beautiful' Braxton has spent her entire life in the shadows of her old siblings. Desperate for a new start and an exhilarating semester,she thinks this year is her year.

Keith Davis is a third year college student with a booming reputation and the social status of a celebrity. With his good looks,talent and communication skills,he's known all around campus.

After the two of these individuals discover that they both attend the same college,but haven't yet met,they decide to get to know each other after subsequently meeting in an ice cream shop.

This book started on June 20th,2021
[This book is on hold until 4/15/22,which is when the whole rest of the book will be published.]

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A normal girl. A normal night. Until she's kidnapped and forced to be a baby. ~a non-sexual ddlg story~//I might be able to translate to Spanish if requested enough//Posiblemente, puedo traducir a Español si hay suficientes peticiones

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