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I walked outside, found my Uber, and got in the backseat.

"Hello." I greeted, before proceeding to tell my driver about the house address.

However, I couldn't really do that because as the driver turned around to face me, I realized that Oh! It's Aaron Owens!



Ellie Rosell. Casual teenager trying to get through high school by watching Netflix, eating, spending her money on concerts, and swooning over hot guys.

Just when Ellie thought she'll spend her last year of hell known as school with the same boring routine, she met Aaron Owens.

And from down there, things changed. For sure.

Did they change for the better? Since she's actually making friends, going out, and dare she says, falling in love?

Or for the worse? With family secrets, mental health issues, heartbreak, and fake people?

After all, she met the one and only Aaron Owens, and he changed her life.


"Oh my gosh! Author! reading this story was just... I have no words. The adventure you took me on was just dreamy. You made me laugh out loud so hard and you also made me cry. You made me feel the second-hand embarrassments that Ellie felt and it was so lively. You made me feel as if I was Ellie and you gave me hope that I could one day feel the same way as Ellie did towards Aaron. And all of these reasons is why your book is one of the best books I've ever read and let me tell you I've read a lot of books. Thanks for the journey and the hope you have given me! Keep being amazing!"~Layoreo08


Started : November, 22nd - 2017.

Finished : May, 3rd - 2020.

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- Last updated at 20:08 13-08-2023

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