Oops!!!!! I slapped...........Mr. Billionaire???

Oops!!!!! I slapped...........Mr. Billionaire???

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Seeing the amused look on his face , I wanted to swipe the smirk from his face by pulling his lips out and rearranging his face.

It was an emergency. Someone's life was at stake here. Why couldn't he understand that? He is no GOD. He had no right blocking our way like this.

Slowly I tried to make him understand that,"Look I know its a special moment for you but we really have to pass. Someone's life is at stake here"

Looking up, I saw he had started walking away without listening to me.

That arrogant orangutan!!!!!!!

Unable to control my anger and impatience, I swiftly walked towards him and stopped him by his arms.

Turning him around, I did something which would change my life for everything.

I slapped him.

What happens when a 22 year old Siona Crystalline crosses path with Aiden Salvatore? What can happen when she slaps the person she meets?
Nothing much right?
Only that this Aiden Salvatore is none other than a multibillionaire, a cold, shrewd and calculating person with a new fling every day and who influences at least three fourths of the business world.

This is the her story. Lets join her in her journey of life changing experiences.

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