One For The Road

One For The Road

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"Oh my god, this Corvette is so fucking sexy." I ran my hand along the peeling red paint. It wasn't in the best condition, but a Corvette was a Corvette. "Can I drive it?"

"There's no engine. We used it for parts," Drake said.

My heart sank into my stomach, and I let out a wheeze. "You what?"

"We were running low on funds, so we did what we had to do," Josiah said. "It never meant anything to us anyway."

What the fuck?

"How the hell can you call yourselves a racing team if you're willing to do that to one of the best-looking cars ever made?" I shook my head. "It's disgusting."

"What? Racing?" Drake's mouth fell open. "Oh my god, no. We wanted a driver."

I looked over at Josiah, then Drake. "I drive cars for a living, therefore I'm a driver. What's the confusion?"

"You said you drove for RTR," Josiah said.

I nodded. "Yeah, Roger Truscott Racing."

"Oh no. Oh my god. Look, in our line of work, that means Real Time Robotics," Drake said.

"Robotics? What the fuck is going on?" I asked.

"You wouldn't happen to know much about combat robotics, would you?" Drake forced a smile, and it wasn't difficult to see the hope leave his eyes.


Katie Moore is a controversial figure in the car racing world with several strikes against her. One, she is a female. Two, she is a female with opinions. And three, she is a female with opinions who thoroughly enjoys sharing them with no inhibition. A one-track mind (with a few side streets), all she wants is to win a race to shut everyone up about her mistakes and misfortunes.

But when she's down on her luck, a team of nerds finds their way into her life, giving her an offer that she probably should refuse.

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