Old Money, New Love

Old Money, New Love

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Category: Romance
16 year old free skater Sophie Bellerose, takes a leap of faith in a lottery ticket attempt.
After crossing out all winning numbers, she claims five hundred thousand quid using her gained cash to pay a high-end boarding school fee, all the way in Brighton, England.

Sophie is the human embodiment of sunshine and cheerfulness.
To everyone else she is innocent, kind and understanding. Not an inch selfish, yet caring. But every girl has her secrets. Sophie included

She meets her first acquaintance in fault of her clumsiness. Noah Alcocer.

Whilst attempting to maintain her quiet and unnoticed nature, her sudden arrival catches the of the athlete.

The old money, hockey player is well known amongst the pupils at Brighton for brushing girls off his cold shoulder, yet a sense in him feels that she is different.

TW : mature themes, foul language, violence

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#2 sunshine 5th October 2023
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