Oh my baby witch (taekook)✅

Oh my baby witch (taekook)✅

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"Did you really have to crash-land on me ?" the owner of the cottage asked irritably. "And wait, were you flying on this broom?"

"I am really sorry, mister," the little innocent witch answered with his sweetest voice and an undeniable pout, still a little embarrassed that he had fallen on the handsome mister while trying to fly on a broom.

"Are you planning to freeze out here? Come inside, little witch."
The little witch's eyes shone with gratitude as the owner welcomed him inside in the middle of the snowy woods.

"Thank you so much, mister," he gladly thanked the owner as he entered.

What will happen when an alpha wolf meets a cute little witch? Lots of fun and fluff unfolds. So, let's dive into the story of a wolf (Tae) and his baby witch (Koo).

Top: Tae
Bottom: Koo

English is not my first language.

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