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Ofa users one shots

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Basically one shots of ideas I have

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Love or Obsession

"Lo itu punya gue, kemanapun lo pergi gue bakal ikut!"."Hah?, sejak kapan emang?, Jangan ngomong aneh deh".Cowok paling ditakuti di kampus karena banyaknya rumor buruk tentangnya, terobsesi sama cewek pindahan Nadine. Owen punya rahasia gelap dalam dirinya yang membuatnya ditakuti oleh semua orang ditambah masa lalu buruk yang terus menghantuinya.Apa Nadine akan menerima cowok itu, menerima semua masa lalu buruknya atau meninggalkannya?, tapi bagaimanapun pilihan Nadine, Owen akan terus mengejarnya sampai benar benar dapat.
The Hooded Figure

RETURNED TO WATTPAD!"I heard he punched a teacher who tried to take his hood off.""Really? I heard that he's hideously ugly and can't stand to have other people see him.""Hmm, I was told that one time he was hooking up with a girl and he still didn't take his hood off."-----These were the things they said about the new kid at Charlesteen High School. Were they true? No one knows, but touch his hood and you'll lose limbs. Quiet and intimidating, he never initiates conversation, and the only person who bothers to investigate this new student, is Amy.Amy Carters is an ordinary girl with problems of her own, but when her social studies teacher pairs them up for a project, she's grows curious of the hooded figure. Who is the boy who lives under the shadows? But despite her curiosity for the new student, she can't fight the attraction she feels for her new co-worker, Asher. Kind, thoughtful, and absolutely stunning, she quickly finds herself torn between Asher and the mysterious and brooding new student.The question is, who will she choose?-------After five years of the rights to this book being owned by Dreame, it can finally be returned to Wattpad! Be warned; I wrote this book when I was 14 and I can't even remember how it ends. Heed this warning haha.
Trash of the Count's Family (201-400)

reup for offlinenot the ownersource in eatapplepies.comif the original owner wants to remove this, pls DM me and i will remove it.
His Ignored Wife

When strangers from completely different backgrounds get married...--Shifting as the cool breeze toyed with my senses, I sighed at my husband standing so far away, leaning against the yacht's railing and drowning out the world behind him. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to introduce me as his wife and have to deal with social disapproval.In the world of upper-class snobs and elites, I was a complete outsider...an unwanted addition. I had no place among the rich, no way to make many accept my crass and clumsy ways. My husband hated me, and his family was all ready to make him move on to a lady who would match his standard. I simply was an ignored wife, a wounded reject and a lonely fool. --Sweet and friendly Maya could never repay the favours bestowed upon her by the great ladyship of Naveria 'Madam Geena'. That 70-year-old woman had not only treated her like a daughter, given her shelter and a well-paying job when she first arrived at Hill City to earn for her family but was also her wisest mentor. However, with favours comes expectations, and Maya just couldn't say no when Madam Geena asked her to marry her spoiled grandson 'Demir', tame his rakish ways, and adopt the ways of the rich. It was a heartbreaking offer. Demir wasn't known for dealing with people below his class, but Maya really didn't have a choice. Madam Geena meant the world to her. Thus, after getting married to a rich spoiled-brat, feeling her heart melt with fondness and watching as he completely ignored her existence and humiliated her ways, Maya was soon to realize that despite belonging to different worlds and having their own reasons for choosing to get married, both she and her husband were hurting in their own ways. Their worlds might have been completely different, but they both were equally miserable, lonely and broken.(Featured on Wattpad Chicklit's Reading List)
{MTL} โœ…the real young master of a wealthy...... master of a wealthy family

Yan Yu, the heir to the top wealthy family, transmigrated into a book of pure love and sadomasochism in the skin of a real and fake young master. Before he knew the situation, he rescued the comatose teenager who fell down in a dark alley. The system that came late "..." Yan Yu listened to the screaming electric sound in his head, he asked the system in a low voice, hello, please send me back, I am not interested in wearing books. The current sound of the system is urgent. You should quickly send the protagonist back to the alley. If you are late, you will not be able to meet the protagonist Gong. Yan Yu's eyes turned around on the young man's body full of old injuries. He shook his phone and refused to say sorry in a warm voice. In such a situation, I think he must call the police besides sending him to the hospital. The system suddenly raised the volume alarm? You have to recognize your identity, the only thing you can do to save the protagonist is the protagonist's attack, otherwise, how can you advance the plot? How to develop feelings? Do you still want to go back? You died on the spot in a car accident, if you don't listen to me... Yan Yu's gentle brows and eyes remain unchanged, he is tired of speaking calmly, destroy it.-------------------------------------------------------------------------CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR -ไฝœ่€…๏ผš็ซนๅŒ—ITS AN MTLNOTHING BELONGS TO METRANSLATION JUST FOR FUN
Trial & Error โœ“

What happens when you find yourself tangled up in what could be one of the biggest criminal lawsuits in the nation? Well, you get tangled up with the best lawyer in the country. And maybe, with a little trial and error, you get love as well. Copyright © 2017 by Taylor Collins. All Rights Reserved
Tale Teller (West Hampton U Series #1)

When a sophomore goes missing at the prestigious University of West Hampton, an anonymous author beings to spill secrets in the student newspaper, secrets that have been hidden for too long. No matter how embarrassing, no matter how scandalous, the Tale Teller will reveal it all. When the Tale Teller writes about Muskaan and Sameer, they decide it's time to team up to uncover the identity of this ominous author. However, the closer they get to finding out who the writer is, the more they find themselves uncovering the deepest, darkest secrets of the university too. Instead of answering their own questions, their mission begins to create more. Friendship, scandal, romance, and even murder are all in this journey through West Hampton U. Buckle in dear reader, because no one is spared from the word of the Tale Teller.** This story is not spicy, but it is spiced. This means that there will be some swearing, some innuendos, some mature themes, but nothing explicit or graphic. We keep it PG-13.
Until You

With her family bankrupt and the man she loved now married to another woman, Gretchen decides to move to London to fix what's left of her life. Returning to San Francisco a failure is not an option, so she takes on the only job she can find - one that involves a baby, a man, and unfortunately, love. *****Ethan Williams is done with love. Scorned and left by his wife, his life's goal is to acquire more wealth and travel the world. But one morning, he wakes up to find an infant on his doorstep. Left with no choice, Ethan hires a nanny to care for the child. When he begins to feel his heart respond to the presence of the new nanny, he is certain his life just took a turn for the worse - and he is determined to rid himself of every silly notion of love.[[Word Count: 80,000-90,000]]Cover design by Cil Ojumo

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fortnite season 9 the bunker jonesy

hey this is my first book dont get mad if its bad

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Are You Listening? (Soramafu) [COMPLETED]

So this is another soramafu fanfic I have done, en-joy!! Not oneshot. This is another long story!! Soraru and Mafumafu are from different worlds, at least that's what they say. One particular white-haired guy is a smart person, and yet manages to look cute. As opposed to Soraru, who works in a tattoo shop, and is incredibly overprotective of his loved ones.Mafumafu met Soraru.Hot meet cold.ยทยทยทWhat will happen?**Credit to the artist**

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Benedict Cumberbatch Imagines Prt. 2

Cover done by my amazing friend @colerlessrainbow_Second book of Benedict Cumberbatch Imagines/Short Stories! I hope you enjoy!

19.7K 38 673
Celebration of Life (Agent 47 x F! Reader)

AN: Hey everyone! I've got another prompt request and this time it is for the Hitman series. This was requested anonymously and it was for an Agent 47 X Reader story in which Agent 47 is hired to assassinate the reader at their 21st birthday party. However, Agent 47 decides not to carry out the assassination because the reader because the reader ends up being incredibly kind to him; and oblivious to fact that she has a hit out on her life. It was also requested that the assassination was requested because the client believed that the reader was having an affair with her husband, which is completely untrue. The POV of this story is going to bounce around a bit between the reader and Agent 47 because I thought getting both perspectives would be best for this particular prompt. The reader and Agent 47 are just encountering each other so the Agent 47 X Reader relationship is slight also Agent 47 might be a little OOC in this story. Disclaimer: I do not own the Hitman series. As always I hope I did the prompt justice and I hope you all enjoy it!

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Tenrose One Shots

Just some crap that I felt had to be written. Pairings include Tenrose, Elevenrose, Thirteenrose, and some other stuff. Will be updated continually but not on a schedule. I don't forget about it, I just don't remember it.

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La quรชte de la paix (pour Zoรฉ

Cette fiction est addresรฉ ร  une amie chรจre

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๐‘€๐ธ๐‘…๐ผ ๐ฝ๐ด๐ด๐‘

She is a girl full of mischievousness and never fails to entertain those around her. He is just the opposite of her, being all furios and short-tempered. not being handled by everyone; he was the only one who could keep her on track; sometimes she doesn't even listen to him at all.She wasn't aware that he was secretly in love with her. from when he held her tiny hands in his for the first time. As they grew older, his feelings for her only grew stronger. He knew he had to confess his love to her eventually. but there was a risk that she wouldn't feel the same way. Only time will tell if their relationship will blossom into something more than just cousins who care deeply for each other. Will she accept his love? By taking a chance and telling her how he truly feels.

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The Vexes Who Wished They Weren't

Quinn, Mercy, and Alexander are three of the best of friends attending Vex Academy High School. A High School that houses all kinds of students but were best know for their Vex Division. The Vex Division was a special section of classes for students with special talents and abilities. Quinn and her 2 friends have just been accepted in to Vexes for their 11th year of high school. But with trouble with Quinn's ex, new found enemies and secrets to hide the three quickly wish they had never become Vexes.

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The Chronicles of Hototo, Polyeidus

After the bloody battle between the Collective and the forces of Hototo, Nukpana fled to his new home and formulates a sinister plan. Hototo is in the midst of cleaning up the kingdoms when a new creature appears, Polyedius, a grizzybear from a different land. As confusing and sutbborn as he is, he holds the future of all life in the Kingdoms of Veltren.Book two of the Chronicles of Hototo series.

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