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This is just a book with my random thoughts/rants, free story ideas (with credit to me if used), story/rp ocs, etc. Images are from Google unless I have mentioned otherwise. 🖤🤎🤍❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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Sex Goddess: A Lovely Seduction

Kate Hutchinson is sixteen years old. She possess a very special power: the power of seduction.
Beautifully Reincarnated

17 years oldZahra Maddison Riosa Zahra, sunshine? Definitely, more like a blinding one. She has the most beautiful and pretty smile. Even though people talk behind her back, she kills them with kindness. It was just her and her mother, a mother who is dealing with Cancer. She knew she would leave her alone but she didn't know she would leave her like this. She couldn't process what's going on until Carter De'luca showed up at station, claiming that he knew her mother and he is going to be her guardian. She doesn't trust him. Period. He looks so scary even when he tries to smile. But she doesn't have any choice rather than accepting it. It won't be worse, she chants it to herself.What she didn't knew was how chaotic it is going to be after going home with him. She was grow up far away from mafia crimes or any other crime. She didn't knew how to follow their strict rules. She didn't knew how to interact with six brothers she had gotten on silver platter without asking. I mean she once or twice begged her mother for sibling. A cute and little sibling. Not heartless, cold and big grumps. They hate her. Period. But could they? She isn't at fault, heck she didn't even knew who's her father, the memory had gone in dark place after so many years.How could they when she has that stupid pretty smile on her face? Despite feeling their cold hatred behaviour to her, Zahra is determined to win Their heart. She is ready to win everyone's heart and made her presence clear and loud. And that seems like easy peasy when she has Eve, A crazy bestie she was blessed with without even asking. Join the journey of Zahra, and how she's going to get past all the shit and shine and reincarnate her lost family.
Beautiful Tragedy ✔️

**Highest Ranking : #1 in Chicklit** [ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ] Mabel Carter traveled half way across the country to attend college and get away from her dark past. After so many years she finally feels as though she's the one in control of her own life and she's on the way to mending her fragile heart. Until she meets Alexander Woods that is. A friendship sparks between the two of them, and he begins to make her feel things she never thought were possible. But what happens when the past comes knocking?Alex Woods doesn't do girlfriends. He's convinced that the girls he attends school with only want him based off looks, and would prefer him to be "arm candy." When he meets Mabel he's caught between wanting to be her friend and craving so much more than that. He's convinced himself that friendship is all that will ever come of their relationship, but as she shows the vulnerability beneath the sassy temper of hers, his feelings for her begin to grow in an unexpected way.✖️✖️✖️WATTPAD FEATURED STORY (3/1/18)Ranking | Chicklit: HR: #1 (4/21/18, 6/25/18)
Sodor Where The Sun Don't Shine

When the sun mysteriously vanishes its up to Jinty's driver Harold to survive this twisted land he once used to call homeInspired by: Sodor Eclipse, Sodor Left For Dead and The Sun Vanished ARG
The Alpha's Little Rogue| ✓

[HIGHEST RANK #1 in WEREWOLF 14/10/2016]A girl who had been on the run for eight years had no intention to stop now and having a mate was not something she looked forward to.But fate has a twisted sense of mind and usually delivers us things we dread the most, even if it does happen to be a six foot something handsome and rumoured heartless Alpha male whose grey eyes were something from the fairy tales....She tries to run away, but how far can you run when your soulmate is the other way?...Featured on wattpads 'what's hot list' first on: (12/05/2016)Cover by: sublime-Category: Werewolf, cause there isn't one called cliché ;)
Beautiful Confession (Vol II) (✔️)

Genre: Romance, Suspence, Humour and Spiritual #1 IN CONTRACTMARRIAGE Fight of a husband for his wife against her past. Will he be able to save her? Zara Hayat Usman is a London's powerful business man Daughter who is 21. she have everything whatever she wish but she is heart broken since her soon to be husband ditched her on her wedding day. She is brave, outspoken , clumsy and colorful. She have bitter Conner for Love and Sacred of even word marriage . She thinks Love doesn't exist in this mean, nasty world until she met him. Vincent Raymond is the famous powerful owner of 'Witty Magazine' at the age of 29. He own the reputation of being boring, speaks very little and rarely smiles. He is Atheism but that is what other think about him brcause he is hiding his own little secret. He live his life with same routine and do everything on time until he hire her as a employer in his company. How they will fell in love despise their huge age difference and religious difference? She is not who he is looking for and he is not either what she wants? PS: This is Zara's story Book II of 'Beautiful Mistake' but can be read as a Standalone novel or as a part of series.Cover Credit| @HornsOfARebelEditor: @Anchor_v

He's dangerous He's intelligent He's ruthless He's sexy He's... a beast --- 'You must not go looking for him Annalise, he must never find you, you don't understand what he's capable of... he's a beast' 'You cannot change my mind Ray, I'm going to find him... no matter what you say' I reply to the man who has raised me almost all of my life, silence... I turn to find him laying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, his eyes wide open, I gasp. A note is laid on top of his body, I reach out and pick it up, "You don't have to come looking for me Annalise, for I have already found you - Beast''
Fighting For What's Missing

"People you trust? What about her? What happens when she's stuck with people she doesn't trust?"When William Granger agreed to babysit for a few hours, he didn't know that he was agreeing for his whole life to turn upside down. After finding out that seven-year-old Agnes Hensdela was abandoned by her parents, William knows what he should do, but is he strong enough to grow as a person and fight for what's missing?Some chapters are boring, some will make you cry or scream or laugh. Read and find out which is which. WARNING: This story contains strong language."I am sad that the book's over but it was soprecious! And I am definitely mad that it has stillnot received much acknowledgement!""bro why heart feel so heavy to end this bookbut overall this book is SO GOOD, i love theirbond so much, how Will face all the struggles tobe a dad ugh he should get award or smtglove this book <33 i'll come back later""PLEASE THIS BOOK IS SO000 GOOD WHAT THEHECK I LOVE THIS SO MUCH IM CRYING""my heart is in a million pieces""i'm literally in tears right now""I LOVE THEIR BOND SO MUCH"Post on March 21, 202150k on January 22, 2022100k on July 24, 2022150k on April 11, 2023

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So ya, basically the title says it all. I'm not writing a whole story cuz I know that I would never update 😚✌️DISCLAIMER: all characters belong to JKR, although, we hate her so imma just say that dobby wrote the Harry Potter books 😎If your homophobic then i don't know what you are doing here cuz this story is as straight as a rainbow!

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NOTE: This book is the sequel to My Best Friend's Brother by JEllana. No, you don't need to read MBFB to have a working understanding of TLAS.• • •After a horrible accident, Charlie Fellows finds himself back to square one. He went from finally getting the girl, to losing her in a heartbeat. Things are completely different this time around, and he quickly realises that it's tougher trying to win a girl's heart the second time. Especially, when she thinks it's the first.Join Charlie as he tracks down a stolen bicycle, gets mugged by crazy geese hunters, and tries to cope with the side effects of falling for a girl with retrograde amnesia. Can he make her remember the things she loved about him or will he just lose his patience with her?• • •TO LOVE A STRANGER(Young Love Mini Series, Book Two)Trailer:• http://youtu.be/3cCRJQYiSEM

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"Jeez you must be freezing!! Jump in!" He told her. He was worried. She wasn't used to that."Thank you." She barely whispered out. Her voice was low, since she hadn't been talking for a while. They drove in silence, but both of their lives were going to change violently.Mackenzie is a 14 year old girl. She was found by a caring man, on a street, Christmas Eve, freezing cold.Number 1 in #medicine - 26th August 2018Number 2 in #Needles - 26th August 2018Number 2 in #Jackhemmings - 26th August 2018Number 8 in #worry - 26th August 2018Number 10 in #ill - 26th August 2018

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the sun in the sky | gojo satoru ✔

book I of "the sun in the sky" series-She had no name, nor friends to laugh with or parents to confide in.She was just a maid who served the Gojo Clan.But then, she meets a boy with eyes more vast than the sky. or A simple, sweet story between the future's strongest sorcerer, and a maid.[Also on ao3 under @writingnorth]

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