OBJECT ART!!! :โ€ข)

OBJECT ART!!! :โ€ข)

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This is an art book!!!!

I draw a lot of objects!!! (Mostly BFB ๐Ÿ˜ป) but also other shows โค๏ธ

And lots of rare pairs โค๏ธ


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My little mate, aria

Rogues attacked arias pack on her fifth birthday. It all changes when another alpha turns out to be her mate and takes her in. Christian, the alpha of the black moon pack, finds aria and raises her. The day she turns 18 changes for both of them.A/N: No sexual things happen between the characters until she is 18.
The Hours We Have

โI think we've lost the meaning of family.โž • • • A few years ago, we tragically lost our parents, and every day since then, my brothers and I have drifted apart. We have intense defense mechanisms and our own methods of survival in the adult world. Our house feels less like home, the city feels empty, and the stars seem more distant. Will we be able to heal as a family? Or will we go our separate ways as adults? โ–ซโ–ซโ–ซโ–ซ โ–ซโ–ซโ–ซโ–ซ โ–ซโ–ซโ–ซโ–ซ Cover is made by me. Copyright © 2021 Josie Marie Any relation to other stories or characters is entirely coincidental and not intentional. Any credit for the #olderbrother trend goes to its appropriate writers/creators. All of my work is original, inspired by the #olderbrother trend, but based on my own life with four brothers.

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