Oaths of Grecia

Oaths of Grecia

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Category: Adventure
"Sister?! You can't be serious right?!"

"That Bitch just punched me!"

"How about killing her guys?"

"If you touch her, you're dead."

"Hurt them and I'll fucking cut both of your fucking hands you Motherfucker!"

OF12 or Grecia Perxon was never expecting something like that in her life. She was prepared for war, for everything, she was even prepared for hell. But never did she thing that she will need to manage seven boys at once. Her new seven brothers who don't give a thing about her existence. Seven men, who are unwilling to accept her and are ready to make her life a living hell. Grecia has no interest in her new family, all she cares about is safety of her country. She is willing to die for it, but what will happend, if her brothers will grow to her heart? Will it affect the loyalty she have for her nation?

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