Not Your Cinderella

Not Your Cinderella

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Category: Romance
Prince Charmings are still around. But do modern Cinderellas really need saving?

Jess doesn't live in abject poverty, but she's certainly not rich. And lately, she's had her eyes opened about how lucky she is. Doing aid work has not only changed her outlook but she's also met a new bunch of people. And one of them has stolen something from her - it might just be her heart.

Felix, says he's lucky to have met Jess. But she knows that when their trip ends their relationship might too. It's more than just the literal distance between them that will threaten what they have. But despite living in the same country, their lives are worlds apart.

Jess doesn't want to lose Felix but she's committed to making a better life for herself and her dad. And her plans didn't include love - until now.

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English Title: Children of the Holy EmperorMtled + UneditedChapter 400 - Ongoing[FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY]Description:Lee Seongjin, the strongest hunter who defeated the demon king.He possessed the body of the pig tr*sh Third Prince, the Holy Imperial Family's shame.But the members of this family... there's something strange about them?'Overpowered' Holy Emperor.'Regressor' First Princess.'Player' First Prince.Lots of trouble and lots of wordsThe story of the Holy Emperor and his children.© To the Author.© To the Artist of the Cover: Bebseo [Original Artist for COTHE Novel]

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