Noor E Mehtab || MOONLIGHT ||

Noor E Mehtab || MOONLIGHT ||

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Category: Romance
Title : 簞{Noor E Mehtab} 簞
Translation : ||MOONLIGHT||

"If she knew fate would take such turn of events, she would have never stepped in the land where he roamed, never caught his eye and never faced him again"

He was the Sardar from the village who owned the power, crushed the people who defied him and made them familiar with such barbaric fate that made the looming monsters quiver. His fear was deeply engraved in the hearts of people and nobody could dare infuriate him if he adored his precious life. He was the arrogant, heartless and cruel Sardar Badar Nauraiz Shah.

She was a girl with big dreams from the city who was humble and cared for the people around her. She was a kind soul. Not familiar with village politics and the greed for power. She was raised in love and care. She was naive, humble and optimistic Shanzay Malik.

It was a mere coincidence, a totally unexpected encounter, barely few glimpses, and she got the feeling that his dark obsidian orbs darker than the night itself laced with depth of oceans were going to haunt her for a long time.

/n enticing tale of sudden encounters, unexpected feelings, a journey of trials and painful beginnings

Cover and Aesthetics made by me;
穢 zephyra_9

#1 in sardar (July 10th, 2023)

#1 in haveli (August 24th, 2023)


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