• noonaa !! • ° Jungkook ff °

• noonaa !! • ° Jungkook ff °

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When Ash returns from the Alolan league he gets betrayed by most of the people he had once called as friends . Now he is back and ready to get some revenge
King of the Alphas

#1 in Luna 11.16.2018#1 in Romantic 3.7.2019#1 in Suspense 4.8.2019{Completed}Summary:Charlotte Woods finds herself in a life or death situation. After war breaks out on her territory, she seeks survival, but unknowingly runs onto Royal Territory. Kayden Giordano is the Alpha King. He is protective and sometimes overbearing, which may come across as attractive to some people. But to Charlotte, hell is bound to break loose. Two stubborn mates is never a good combination. But could this be an exception?Read to find out more.UNDER EDITING!!!----Enjoy! Feel free to comment and vote!I love you all!-A.J.
Her Saviour |Jk | 🔞 |

" She is my wife, stay away from her!" " Keep trying she will remain mine. "" Show me your scars, I want to see how many times you needed me and I wasn't there. " " You will find someone better, by leaving the best? "I wrote poems inside her with my fingers. Our story began with her screams and ended with her soul on my lips. jungkook * reader. It's a dark romance story. Use of abusive languages, mature things and obviously 21+ things. Please don't read if you are uncomfortable.... but I know everyone is comfortable with it.... make sure to read this story. it will be lit and sure it would send shivers to your spine. 🤭Enjoy!!!!
The System Forces Me To Show Off My Wealth [Book One]

Author: Ting Bing/停冰Category: Danmei FictionStatus: 348 Chapter(Ongoing) IntroductionQiushui is bound to the system of showing off wealth. Other people's system: Ask the host to buy, buy, buy within the specified time. Qiushui's system: the host is asked to complete the learning tasks within the specified time, and get rewards to show off their wealth. If the task fails, the host will be obliterated. This book is also called "The System Tricks Me into Learning" and "Learning Makes Me Rich".Machine translation. Cover picture is not mine!Source from Pinterest
♡𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐫 𝐊𝐢𝐦♡

Taehyung - what if it happened again MISS JEON!!
Brew Books 2

After a difficult first few months working in the Brew Books café, Jane is finally feeling at home - until the past comes back to haunt her. ***** After months of working at the café and bookstore, Jane has finally started to grow into her independence and stop viewing her self-worth in Instagram likes. But suddenly Harper, the cute bartender Jane feels a spark with, seems to have eyes for someone else. Kitty unleashes a secret from Jane's past that she's not sure she'll be able to get past. And the lingering affects of Matt's absence in the bookstore create a conflict which threatens to tear the entire crew - and business - apart.(Book 2 in the Brew Books series)[[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]
From Foes to Fathers[SS]✔

Two former best friends, now rival businessmen, discover a 6-year-old boy abandoned in a park. As they work together to uncover the boy's identity, they put aside their differences and become makeshift fathers, learning the true meaning of family and friendship.
Badly Broken

We all know the cliché story of the bad boy falling for the nerdy girl, but what about a bad boy falling for another bad boy?Every Friday, Kai Yoon and Lucas Beck fight. Not only for the enjoyment of the sport, but to release the pent-up hatred they have for one another.After a drunken night, their loathe changes into something else, something new, and their school rivalry becomes insignificant. Unforeseen romance blossoms between the two, but broken families and deadly secrets prove to be perilous obstacles.Mix hidden pasts, a thirst for revenge, and an underground fight club with two of the most lethal and dangerous fighters in the state to unravel the mysteries that lay behind the badly broken.(Under editing)

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When Ash returns from the Alolan league he gets betrayed by most of the people he had once called as friends . Now he is back and ready to get some revenge

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2109: Pandemic

Young David finds his way through the lost city of New York, fighting for his life against the Chaos Cinder, a robotic militia hellbent on destroying the human race.

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To risk all 3: when fate hits

Life could be complicated... Clara only asks for a peaceful life, but fate seems to have decided otherwise. She will have to learn to manage and live knowing that she can't always control everything. But how to do it?

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On the first day of the first month, when the King turns the age of 25, the Luna trials begin. Only the strongest, bravest, and most worthy may win the chance to rule by Drago Vormir's side. One doesn't want it. Another isn't worthy. And the rest? They may kill to get what they want. They may lie, cheat, and manipulate. All for a man who's heart has always belonged to a woman he has only met in his dreams.

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Tales from The Further

Enclosed in this here portfolio is a vast collection of stories a bunch of nameless people have recorded throughout human history. I couldn't make anything of it, really, so that's why I placed it on your desk. Have some coffee, take a peep, or read it fully, I don't really care. Just tell me if there's anything to be learned from it, and then report to me first thing tomorrow morning. I'll leave the light on and the front door keys are by my workstation. Good luck.Disclaimer: These are all original content, thought up whenever I go running/jogging on campus. If they are somehow similar to something you've heard before I don't know what else to say than, "It knows."

63 1 2
Outdoor Variable Speed Medium Duty Pan Tilt Head

https://www.bit-cctv.com/products/outdoor-variable-speed-medium-duty-pan-tilt-head-35kg/Features of BIT-PT540 Outdoor Variable Speed Medium Duty Pan Tilt Stepper Motor with Payload up to 35kg (77.16lb)Maximum top load capacity 35kg (77.16lb)Pan angle: 0-360°, tilt angle: -45°~-+40°Pan speed: 0.01°~30°/S, Tilt speed: 0.01°~15°/S

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⚜ 𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓦𝓸𝓷! ⚜ [William Afton x Reader]

▪▪▪°ᴡɪʟʟɪᴀᴍ ᴀғᴛᴏɴ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ° [reader is female]▪▪▪- You won! Silence.- Hey, I'm talking to you! Yes, you! Come on, look at me!I'm finally turning my head to the golden bunny. Children are looking at me jealously. They wanted to win so badly. I didn't wanna win. I don't wanna go to him. Please. Little sister smiles happily.- Come on, Y/N, aren't you happy?! Spring Bonnie picked you!I'm quietly stepping towards the scene with all eyes on me. My hands are shaking. - A-aren't I'm a bit old for this thing? - My voice ruins the perfect silence as I'm getting near this... thing... near... HIM...- Oh no, dear, you're perfectly fine! Now...G e t c l o s e r. It starts.▪▪▪!!This book contains!!• Violence• EXTREME violence• Swearing• Maybe some lemons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)-Don't read if you're easily affected by cruel behavior, dark atmosphere and description of murders.▪▪▪FNaF plot and William Afton himself belong to Scott Cawthon.Y/N belong to you.Plot of book and cover art belongs to vafelli

123.8K 18 3K Full
Silent Lee and the Oxford Adventure

Silent and Raahi are only a few days into their first semesters as high school students at their respective academies of magic when strange things begin to happen and they find themselves caught up in another, even more diabolical, magical mystery. The Hunt Club, a nefarious group of sorcerers determined to take over the world, are recruiting students and hatching their plots at Raahi's school--but it will take Silent Lee's determination and magical talents to stop them! Along the way, they meet April, May and June (from a world run by a queen bee) and THINK they can trust them...

95 31 0

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Poisoned Sleep

(a re-spinning of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and "Briar Rose".)Gweneira has been the only inhabitant of the Forest In Between for many years, but that all changes when the Princess Rose appears. Rose is brave and foolish, daring to venture out into the woods in search of an escape or "cure." This is something that Gwen, ever practical and cautious, would never dream of doing, and yet she finds herself following her new companion on a wild adventure.this is f/f, and an experiment. who knows where this will go! definitely not disney based.

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