NO MORE LIES. [Batman x Reader] [The Batman 2022]

NO MORE LIES. [Batman x Reader] [The Batman 2022]

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Your mother was once friends with Martha Wayne so you and Bruce knew each other and were friends, after his parents death you lose all contact with him and your mother soon takes her own life.

You live a wealthy life style but also try to help Gotham with it's crime rates and corruption, your goal is to find a way to find a solution but someone may have one already.

This story uses they/them and doesn't include NSFW.

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Parley Oneshots

REQUESTS CLOSED!!!Peter/Harley oneshots, all original work!!TW are posted in the beginning of each chapter.Smut book that went along with this has been taken down by Wattpad. If you want to read the smut chapters, all of them are available on (Glittercat33) and on ao3 (Glittercat34) as well.Started: 6/4/20, Finished: ?/?/?Highest rankings:#1 in #parley#1 in #spiderman#1 in #ironlad#1 in #peter#1 in #harley#1 in #harleykeener#1 in #oneshots#1 in #nonbinary#2 in #parkner#2 in #avengers#3 in #angst#5 in #bisexual#118 in #gay Previously taken down at ~270k. Thank you everyone for sticking with me.
Across the Universe | D. Djarin

"I'll find you again. I Promise." Y/n always knew she was different, she just didn't know why. But when her parents where killed by the empire, she was sent on the run. Alone and in a large galaxy, y/n turns to bounty hunting so she can survive. This drives her into the path of a mysterious Mandalorian. This is the way This story starts at the beginning of season 1 and will continue through to the book of boba Fett. (And season 3 when it's out)
Ghost King Meets Batman

Nico di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce, but seeing as he can't supply any proof of his parents, or even his own birth records, he has no legal choice. It's Bruce Wayne or the foster system so Nico decides to take his chances with the billionaire. Nico gets dragged into the Batfam and has to learn their secret while trying to trying to hide the mythological world from the greatest family of detectives in the world.No Nico ships. It would get in the way of the plot. I will try to keep at least some-what accurate with the rest of the books. Everything belongs to Rick Riordan or DCU.(After pjo and before hoo)Please comment, vote, and tell me what you think! This book is currently being edited but will still be updating. Updates are slow.
ANGELS WEEP || bruce wayne

"How can a knightCompete with an angel?"โ€ขโ€ขโ€ขa donna's rise to power. and the vigilante who loves her.โ€ขโ€ขโ€ขTHE BATMANBY UBIQUITOUS-SOUL
Unexpected Outcomes

Assassin Creed Syndicate Female reader insert fanfic Based loosely on one of the missions within the game.
The Red Hood & The Red Head

In which a 25 year old rambunctious fuckgirl, billionaire, genius meets a 26 year old cunning yet calm and collected red head. What could possibly go wrong?Theme Song: NEFFEX - Dangerous18+Minors don't interact. -OC is a intersex lesbian, G!P-Girl x Girl-Natasha x Fem!Wayne!OC*Most Impressive Rank#1 Bruce Wayne 2/25/21#2 Lena Luthor 9/7/21

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There were always 8 members. From the beginning till now, it was always the lucky 8 number. You were hiding in plain sight, in each and every music video, Bangtan bombs, series etc; you were there in all the cut out scenes, in all the fancams and making ARMY think that you were apart of the main staff. In fact only the most trusted employees knew off the two versions of every dance, one with you and one without you. And this was all a big surprise bomb, just like what the company did with V, only you were the main hidden treasure. As the era of HYYH ended, BigHit finally decided to unlock the chest, but unlike how they suddenly showed V, they slowly opened the cover, slowly slipping your character into the storyline of WINGS. They thought ARMY would have noticed, considering how over analysing they are. But not one theory was made about a possible 8th member.No one had noticed the shadows in backgrounds, no one had noticed you were the key to connecting all possible ARMY theories, but most one had noticed that Jeon Jungkook had a twin brother.

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Han | JJK

โI wish I could write us a different ending as well.โž TEASER IN THE FIRST PART.Kim Anna is consumed by the thoughts of what happened three years ago and is instilled with a never ending fear of losing her best friend. Again. Beautiful memories with her best friend, Jeon Jungkook, who she grew up with are now her driving force in deciding to never make those same mistakes again.The mistake of not confessing her true feelings for him. Now that he is back and God gave her another chance to risk it all, she is finally getting a little braver. โWe weren't stupid, Anna. We were in love.โž_________________Readers' reviews:"I honestly feel like this is a dream. A very amazing, beautiful, too-good-to-be-true dream" -LivingReverie Thanks to @TheBTSWriters for an elaborate review of Han by @exodaddykokobop_________________Achievements:2nd place in Express Yourself awards3rd place in BangtanFireAwards Winner of Mystery Genre A Jeon JungKook fanfiction A collaboration with @storefrontWebtoon illustration by @artsbyaddie on Line WebtoonStarted: 16/05/19Completed: 07/02/20

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a soulmate au in which people stop aging at the age of 18 until they meet their soulmate so they can grow old together.jeon jeongguk is 212 years old, someone who has lived a long life of love, loss, and grief, and he has tried everything to find his soulmate-well, except a dating app.bangtan writers awards 2020 winnercompleted 9/23/2019edited 05/8/2020sequel "ancient" out now.

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From Me to You โ˜† Jung Kook

Lee Eun Kyung found herself dreaming every day of the moment she'd meet Jeon Jung Kook. She never thought the day would ever come. Only it did. Being selected as the lucky fan to be on 3 Days 2 Nights was a dream come true. Every day she'd find herself falling more and more. But every fairytale has an ending. Would hers be a happily ever after?Completed 05-05-17[undergoing editing/rewriting]

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Lisa gets evicted and is force to find a place in a short notice.Lucky for here, a friend has a place she can stay that it's in her price range.Sounds great right?Well her housemate, Jungkook, is not the most arm welcoming person but they have to get along since they live together.โ€ขfelicityโ€ข intense happiness

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saints | bts

โ do you think they have ramen on the other side? โžโ i guess we'll just have to find that out for ourselves. โž

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help me | jjk

"in which a boy goes on a mystery to help his neighbor with just the clues solely provided by a young witness"start: 26/03/16end: 14/05/16

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Lost But Found!!

A girl woke up in a hospital. Doesn't know her name nor her past or how she ended up there. The completely clueless girl was taken in as Park Siyeon. She moves in with Park Jimin, her new brother, and goes to school with him. As time passes, she meets the handsome and popular boys of BTS, but she also meets the famous and handsome GOT7. As she continues her journey, her past starts to unfold and love starts to bloom, but with who? And most importantly, what was her real identity? Find out!!(This is a GOT7 and BTS fan fic, no plagiarism!)This is all fanfiction - not the truth.

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