Night and Day (Stevens Book 11)

Night and Day (Stevens Book 11)

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Category: Romance
Katherine Randolph lives a dream life. She is a high fashion model and television host, but her success has come at a cost. She had to leave her mother and family behind to succeed. Alistair was born with a title and wealth and knew his destiny from the beginning. Katherine and Alistair are not strangers. They are secret lovers and have been for almost a decade. Despite Alistair's many marriage proposals, Katherine has always been too scared to say yes and let Alistair know her secrets. Now, Katherine must return home to care for her ailing mother and leave the life she has made for herself, knowing it is unlikely that she will ever return to it or Alistair. Perhaps the promise she gives him to meet once more when the time comes will give her the strength to do that very thing. But what Katherine doesn't know is that Alistair has a plan, which includes keeping Katherine in his life forever.

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