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Category: Fantasy
Apparently she was a god?Is all Iris remembers,but what she does know is that she's alive and unlike her last self she doesn't plan on dying.

Basically a sequel....not really to reincarnated in bloodborne as a gamer

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To Die For

Lovers alone wear sunlight ICARUS © 2022 PJO, BOOK 1
Become an Idol or Become Deceased! [fan translation] P.2

(This is not machine translated!)(Starts from chapter 241.)A guy in his late twenties one day wakes up in someone else's body and realises he's gone back three years in time. A strange game system threatens him to debut as a K-pop idol within a year or else he will die.// This is a fan translation. Do not post this on social media.
reborn as a system

This is not my story but you guys can read it in Novelupdates and name is same Reborn as a system 🤗🤗Author: Long QiSpace, System, Treasure, Spirit Tools ... other protagonists all have golden fingers, Shi Qing: this young grandpa [Xiao Ye] is a golden finger.It's just that ...he is now a golden finger and even more importantly bound to a host?And so this host, has a backstory resulting a bloody darkened heart and soul, truly a psychopath!A psychopath I can endure, but I also have to work together with the apocalypse, futuristic....Traveling throughout the worlds, Shi Qing thinks the host isn't as bad as he imagined? Strange.
The Bad Boy Is A Virgin

Emilia Anderson and Hunter Maddox are completely different but both of them hide secrets that may be key to the reputations they possess.So maybe they're more alike. Both trying to seem bad but just hiding terrible secrets.When they become accidental roommates, how easily can their secrets be unraveled? ~completed~•••Rankings:Highest: #1 in College #1 in Secrets #1 in Badgirl #1 in Hunter #1 in Humor #2 in Mystery #2 in Trouble #3 in Complicated #4 in Fiction #4 in Completed #6 in Love #10 in Badboy #13 in Teen #22 in Romance
The gay world(short stories)

turning all genres gayScfi horrorobviously romance dramaadventure
Alastor x Reader Imagines❤ [ON HOLD]

(Currently ON HOLD) Alastor x reader imagines!!!! requests are welcomed
This Love ✔️

Boring. That is one word to describe Sadie Jefferson's life. She goes to school, is on the honor roll, has two best friends, comes from a wealthy family, and is secretly in love with Lucas Favero, who doesn't know she even exists. It's the beginning of every romance novel she has ever read but when she meets an angry and tattooed older boy named Bash, her story begins to take a turn for the worse. As much as she wants to never see the boy who almost took her virginity and then threw it back at her face again, she realizes that fate will not let them be apart. Besides, Bash doesn't want to run away from the only person who has ever cared for him, even if it was for just a couple minutes.
💖Gumball's Bizarre Adventure💙

"Strap yourselves in for it's time for Gumball's Bizarre Adventure Chronicles!" *I do not own any of these characters, etc*

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Naib x Killer bean yandere story

yes mom i this is who i become

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Just Our Luck | Lesbian Story

Natalie works in a bakery after graduating high school but doesn't have a plan for the future. In an effort to forget her broken, violent past, she's set her sites on a new chapter of her life. But for every challenge overcome, there's another waiting. Having realized her sexuality, and not wanting it, she decides things would be easier if she didn't fall in love. That is until she meets Alexis. WARNING: This is an LGBTQ+ novel focusing on a romance between two females.SCHEDULE: Every Friday and occasionally other days. (CT)(add this book to your library, or follow me, to keep updated) - If you want.

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To Die For

Lovers alone wear sunlight ICARUS © 2022 PJO, BOOK 1

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A tale on my story regarding several issues as Mental Health Day comes up soon.

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MHA react to Deku/Dekuverse

Basically Class 1-A(-Midoriya), 1-B, Shinso, UA staff and teachers(+Nezu), Lov, Stain, Overhaul, AFO, Muscular (without his muscles) and the big three will react to Midoriya in their world and in different worlds like every dekuverse reaction fic.This book won't be cannon and probably the only book that I was looking forward to writing.But I have tests this week so I will try my best to update probably two days a week until I get summer break.This book will contain gay + lesbian contentHomophobic peopleA better Mineta-ishMore things in the story will be in the first section.

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The Cabin (Published Preview)

A weekend partying at a remote cabin is just what Mackenzie needs. She can't wait to let loose with her friends. But a crazy night of fun leaves two of them dead-murdered.With no signs of a forced entry or struggle, suspicion turns to the five survivors. Someone isn't telling the truth. And Mackenzie's first mistake? Assuming the killing is over...

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국민연금가입자가입증명위조ぃ ⊙ ㉸톡ID: best3838 텔레그램: MW6969  ⊙ ◈졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조

【졸업증명서위조】 ▷㉸톡ID: best3838 ▷텔레그램:: MW6969 【졸업장위조】【신분증위조】 ✍【각종서류위조업체】 ✍✉메일:[email protected]【대학교졸업증명서위조】▷㉸톡ID: best3838 ▷텔레그램:: MW6969 신용✅안전✅신속✅보안✅업계최고✅

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boy group/ soloist imagines

imagines of your fav boy groups and soloist

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