New Elysium: Breakout

New Elysium: Breakout

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Category: Science Fiction
When mechanized humans, known as "augs" fell prey to a whole new set of viruses aimed at controlling them, they were imprisoned out of fear.

Anyone caught with any robotic implants were sent to the Helion prison complex, and purged from normal society. Even those who used to serve humanity. One such aug, Red, imprisoned for seven years in Helion dreams of escape. Initially recalled and stripped of his command of Aphelion, he dreams of escape which begins to shape into a reality when a new augment is dropped into the facility. One whose very identity would mean death from either side of the conflict. But one whose abilities could lead Red to New Elysium, freedom and the ability to take back what was stolen from him.

1st Place in the 2017 Crowning Gem Awards Science Fiction Category
3rd place in the 2017 Reach for the StarsScience Fiction winner!
3rd Place in the 2017 TickTock Awards Sci-Fi Category!
3rd place in the 2017 Zombie Awards Science Fiction Category!

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