Never Met a Girl Like Her | ✔️

Never Met a Girl Like Her | ✔️

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Category: Teen Fiction
"Wanna watch?"

She rolled onto her back and smiled, drawing her lip between her teeth as her hand trailed down her front and dipped between her legs.

I swallowed and snatched her wrist.

"Mmm," she softly moaned. "Alright. You can do it for me."

Leonie, a heart broken, emotionally damaged seventeen year old, meets Heath, a stoic, sensible med student.

Heath is instantly drawn to Leonie's bold personality and the two fall in deep.

But Leonie isn't ready to give her heart away.

Can the two withstand all that life has to throw at them? Loss, heartache, mistakes and more?

She's wild and reckless.
He's grounded and stable.
Two totally different souls. One undeniable connection.


Cover created by @ashley_mariex


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The Many Dates of Indigo is now published as a Paperback, and E-book with W by Wattpad Books!As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase.Thank you so much for your support! ***** As Indigo Clark nears her 30th birthday, new male suitors vie for her attention. The trick is to pick the right one... ***** Indigo Clark, a successful businesswoman approaching her 30th birthday can't seem to shake the questions, "Where's your ring?", "When will you get married?", "Are you going to have children?" Tired of the nosiness and the pressure, Indigo sets out to experiment in her dating life. What an adventure she's in for! You have Tate, her gorgeous and loyal best friend, who she has a past with...but they don't talk about it. Then there's Nathan. He seems perfect on paper but is hiding a serious part of his life from her. Owen is a dashing gentleman until he isn't. And Diego, oh Diego, he's a hotshot lawyer used to getting what he wants but Indigo also knows what she wants and isn't going to let him off the hook easily. She is fierce and smart, and yes, it's raining men but Indigo isn't afraid to hold an umbrella...[Highest Ranking: #8 in ChickLit] (Featured) [ Winner of the Genre Awards for ChickLit *First Book* ][[word count: 90,000-100,000 words]]Cover designed by Eva I (@evadrawssometimes)

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I can't fanthom to understand how I allowed myself to fall for you blindly I can't believe I allowed you to have this type of hold on my mind and body. Do you understand how much I wanted to talk to you acknowledge you . How can someone be so addicting and unattainable Are you even here.. are you here ? How can you possibly be real? I couldn't of made you up in my head" I'm not everything you thought I would be or what you wanted me to be"---------Ariadne Safiya Sutherland embodies resilience ,strength and perseverance she is not invincible though, she holds the burden of failed relationship, miss communicated feelings and things she wish she had said on her shoulders. Follow Ariadne as she spin her thread of personal growth and endures the symbolic dreadful journey of finding herself. Most of all Ariadne REGRETS the feelings she still holds for StormMercielus Storm Alvarez is dislocated from the whole world contented within his own bubble. Mercielus likes to think he doesn't regret anything, he always been straight forward and unapologetic, coldhearted and unremorseful. His past molded him into who he is today he thinks of himself as flawless. Mercielus Storm Alvarez yearns to venture outside of the shadows of his doubtful mind to find who he was once was and remember who she once was. The girl that would avoid him at all cost, who couldn't hold eye contact for a second.. Ariadne.---"I never truly felt the qualities of being a women I never felt feminine how can I be that?"

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To fall in love is to feel warm and fuzzy, glowing, and happy simultaneously. To fall in love is to feel all of your senses being brought to life, that the world is brighter, your heart hotter, and the breeze a softer feeling than anything you had predicted. It is to feel Yellowed.

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A short story in which Dorothy and her friends Vamp, Skelly and Zombie go to Halloween party where wishes are fulfilled and all is not quite as it seems.(Extract below)"...They knocked three times upon the gigantic metal door. It swung open slowly but didn't creak, revealing a tall figure in a black hood and long dark robes. Trick-or-treats retreated into their dry mouths as the terrifying figure stood, studying each potential guest for what seemed like an eternity. Dorothy was already having regrets about coming. Toto cowered behind Dorothy. Skelly, Vamp and Zombie took a tentative step forward. Slowly the dark figure stepped to one side and a wizened old hand protruded from the robe, a welcoming gesture which gave off a distinctly unwelcoming feeling.As they passed the threshold, mesmerised by the hooded figure, they each involuntarily held their breath and made a wish. All at once everything around them seemed strange and otherworldly. The blood trickling from the corner of Vamp's mouth looked richer and deeper. Skelly's white collarbones looked chalkier and her pale-blue eyes seemed to fade into the shadowy sockets...."Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, the city of Sofia in Bulgaria and Halloween

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