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it's a story about the betrayal that a person get after giving his 100 % in their relationship and another who chooses cheating on his partner who loves him the most what will happen when the broken soul meet with a cold hearted guy who saved him from dying can time heal the broken soul who got decievd from everyone ?
guys it's my first story and english is not my first language if their any error the please let me know and please do support me and also give suggestions for my upcoming stories ๐Ÿ˜Š

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The Hybrid | Bts Ot7 fanfic (Unedited)

What happens when a chain of random events leads a hybrid to the biggest mafia group in the world. What if the feline falls in love with not one, but all seven of them? Will they think of her more than a mere pet? Or will she return to her life on the streets?
Evolution (Book 1 of POE chronicles)

*Over 1.4 million reads - published on Amazon*My name is Abigail Beckett, and this is 2415, the human race is no longer the only intellectual species on this planet.After the third and the fourth world war in the early 2000s, the Earth was almost wiped clean. This cause drastic change in the environment and mass extinction resulting in the most diverse and bizarre adaptation radiation and the bloom of new species in the history of the planet. The radiation released during the massive nuclear bomb war also triggered the mutation of the human genome. Many died, even more were severely handicapped but there were some who survived came out with powers beyond imagination. And I am one of them.Amazing cover by @MulanJiang!Find the Kindle/Paperback here:
[1970s]Marrying a Rough Man with Space

Author: Yang HuahuaGenre: Time Travel and RebirthStatus: CompletedWork introduction: Once she traveled to the 1970s, others were real daughters from the city who were mistakenly adopted, but she was a fake daughter from the countryside who had lived in the city for 18 years and was found to be mistakenly adopted. Once she returned to the countryside, she had to work and eat, and she needed tickets for everything. Fortunately, she had a magical space, so it didn't matter if she was poor. She could copy what others had, and she had to borrow money to buy hundreds of billions of supplies... Her family was warm but not the best, and she took her family with her... What's the engagement? The object was the rough man in the village? And he said he would raise her? Please, I don't need you to raise me, really... [The heroine is beautiful and strong but sometimes silly and funny, the hero is rough and straight and sometimes childish]DISCLAIMER!!!• NOT MINE• NOT EDITED, PURELY MTL • ONLY FOR OFFLINE READING
The Captain's Wife

I've grown to love the tv show called 'Grimm', my favorite characters are: Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin, Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette, Captain Renard and Bud. This story will be about Captain Renard and my OC.Sylas Burkhardt, younger sister of Nick Burkhardt. Things begin to change for Sylas as she is enjoying her life with her boyfriend Sean Renard, who happens to be Nick's boss, a small visit from a client at the clinic changes Sylas's life but will it be forever? Will Sean be able to help get back Sylas's memory of him or will he be forgotten altogether?
Loving the Cades | COMPLETED

"THE FINAL CHAPTER."• • • Campbell West Cade has been through a lot of trauma in her seventeen years. Her mother left her, her father went to prison, she was placed into an abusive home, was attacked twice, and she almost lost her loved ones more than once. The Cades are Campbell's anchor. They are her light, and they are her family. She loves them, and they love her. Nothing could ever change that. But what happens when Campbell forgets everything that happened in the last year due to the car accident? The Cades are devastated when they find out she doesn't remember them. And so are Campbell's friends, and Brent. The doctors told them to take it easy, and slowly help her get her memory back. It could take days, weeks, months, or even permanently. To make matters worst, Campbell doesn't remember loving Brent. In order to make her love him again, he must restart their whole relationship from scratch. He will wait forever, if he has to, for her to love him again.But when Alec Daniels enters the picture, things get more complicated. Especially when Campbell and Alec start to get close, really close.It doesn't help either that Alec and Brent have pure hatred for each other ever since they were little. Campbell's life was crazy, but now it's insane. Will Campbell get her memory back? Will Brent win her heart or will Alec? Can Campbell ever go back to normal with her family? Or will they be torn apart? Find out in Loving the Cades. (Third book in the Cades series)
A Story Of A Country That Got Isekai'd

June 1, 20XX - National Holiday - Somewhere in Europe - The final preparations for the country's 700 year's Anniversary are all set. The skies are clear, ports riddled with ships and roads packed by a million people. The day of celebrations are on it's eve, but then a white flash blanketed the whole country, the single moment that will change everyone's lives and view on what is really real.Some illustrations are provided by @Captain_Sander and @Blade_Viridian
Our Beautiful Love

Reyansh Malhotra is a 26 years old, a successful businessman and a sexy handsome hunk billionaire. CEO of Malhotra group of industries. Siya sharma is a 22 years old, a charming cute beautiful bubbly girl. What will happen when the workaholic guy, The Reyansh Malhotra get married to a shy girl who just joined his company as his new P. A Siya Sharma? What will be Siya's reaction when she will get to know that her alliance is fixed with none other than her new arrogant boss Reyansh Malhotra? Both are poles apart from each other but you have definitely heard that opposites attract. Join the journey of two strangers and see how they row the boat of love together. The sweetness of the book might get you diabetes but you are in for most the beautiful ride where you will witness passionate, intense love, jealousy and obsession.This is going to be a cliche love/romantic story with a bit of drama, jealousy and lots of lots romance. Both are poles apart from each other but you have definitely heard that opposites attract. Join the journey of two strangers and see how they row the boat of love together.

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This is just a story about Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen. Takes place after Nightfall so if you haven't read it, expect spoilers. This is my first story hope you guys like it!!!!! All characters belong to Shannon Messenger I love her so much and she makes the best books.

109.3K 8 875 Full
My Mind; A Collection

Poetry collection from a junior in high school who struggled <3 Now a college student, who fondly looks back when she struggles <3

446 91 105 Full
The Hybrid | Bts Ot7 fanfic (Unedited)

What happens when a chain of random events leads a hybrid to the biggest mafia group in the world. What if the feline falls in love with not one, but all seven of them? Will they think of her more than a mere pet? Or will she return to her life on the streets?

515.8K 63 25.5K Full
Jump? (A Doctor Who Fanfiction)

It was in an instant, so fast that I didn't know what was happening until it was too late. My entire world fell apart in only a few seconds; and it was my fault. Nothing mattered anymore, my happiness was gone and I couldn't think of a single reason to stay alive. Death: that's what ruined my life, and now that's what'll fix it. All rights go to BBC except for Astrid, Tobias, and the aliens I make up.** trigger warning. There will be some suicidal things and common topics **

1.8K 17 77
Chronicles of Eternia: The Gatekeeper's Rebirth

a short story!!!In the heart-pounding light novel, "Chronicles of Eternia: The Gatekeeper's Rebirth," follow the extraordinary journey of Akio Suzuki, an unsuspecting teenager with a hidden destiny. Akio discovers a mysterious artifact, the Chrono Amulet, thrusting him back in time to a world on the brink of collapse. Armed with knowledge from a dark future, Akio must unravel the mysteries of interdimensional Gates that threaten to unleash chaos.As Akio harnesses latent powers, he assembles the Eternia Guardians, a group of uniquely skilled individuals determined to save humanity. Alongside the enigmatic archer Hikari and the ingenious inventor Kaito, Akio confronts the malevolent forces of The Abyssal Order, an organization seeking to exploit the Gates for sinister purposes.The narrative unfolds with gripping intensity as the Eternia Guardians clash with The Abyssal Order, leading to a climactic battle that transcends time and space. Akio's mastery of the Chrono Amulet and the revelation of hidden abilities become paramount in the struggle to seal the Gates and thwart The Abyssal Order's dark machinations."Chronicles of Eternia" combines elements of magic, martial arts, and temporal manipulation, weaving a tale that explores the consequences of altering destiny. As Akio and the Guardians face the shadows of eternity, the novel promises a captivating blend of epic battles, ancient prophecies, and the enduring strength of a reluctant hero. Dive into a world where the past, present, and future collide, and witness the rise of Akio as the eternal guardian destined to save the world from the relentless march of interdimensional Gates.

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My Art Book!

Just a stupid compilation of my art!

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Lรญneas intocables

Sehun descubriรณ algo que le cambiarรญa la vida para siempre: se habรญa enamorado de su mejor amigo, pero ya era demasiado tarde.

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Escape From The Death Egg

This is a story is what happened on the death egg before Sonic escaped only from Sonics point of view. I'm not the 1st person to do a story like this. @luesris wrote a book called Sonic Forces: Escape, @random_derps wrought Never Ending Pain, and @burrning_underground wrote What it Takes to Break a Hero and those books are all similar to this one and really good so I suggest reading them and if you do then I have all 3 books in my reading list. This story may contain a bit of profanity and shouldn't be read by someone who isn't alright with "seeing" Sonic in pain.

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Blackened moonflower and flourishing sunflower

What if Atsushi had ended up in the slums with the Akutagawa siblings -"I have an offer for you. You can live your life in comfort, never have to worry about poverty ever again. Or..." He trailed off his words as he looked me up and down, he looked to be examining me."Or?" I questioned back."Become my student and join the Mafia." In a fit of anger and rage I agreed, I don't know what it was but I felt a sense of respect for this man."Bring along your sister if you wish, oh you have a friend? Sure he can come too." I turned to look to the alley I just left. I imagined Gin had followed me but someone else?The white haired boy. He'd survived and followed me. I felt a slight resentment begin to simmer for the boy, why did he have to survive. It should have been Mirai.Not him.

7.7K 60 338 Full