Never-Ending Nightmare|Yandere!Smiling Critters x Male!Reader

Never-Ending Nightmare|Yandere!Smiling Critters x Male!Reader

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Y/n L/n was just a normal orphaned child but doesn't have many friends in his life and his only friends are the Smiling Critters gang made by Playtime Co, a family friendly toy company that made amazing toys like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and the one and only Poppy Playtime herself.

Y/n had a really hard time sleeping at night as a dedicated and talented scientist decided to let Y/n test out their latest new toy known as Catnap, a purple cat plushie that emits sleeping gas from his mouth that can put anyone to sleep, which actually worked really well as Y/n gets to keep the toy from the scientist as a gift and became best friends with Catnap as they both played together in Dreamland along with the rest of the Smiling Critters.

Y/n could never been happier until the Catnap toys were recalled and Playtime Co. was shut down after some "incidents" that happened behind closed doors.

But then, many years later after Y/n reached to adulthood, he was dared by his so-called friends that were completely drunk as hell to go into the factory and stay there for a whole night as Y/n soon found himself back at the Orphanage, completely run down and abandoned.

He eventually found the Smiling Critters in the factory that are all filled with so much joy to see their old friend back and now they don't want him to leave as they are determined to turn him into a Smiling Critter like them so he can be with him....Forever.

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