Netsujou No Spectrum | Meliodas x Male reader

Netsujou No Spectrum | Meliodas x Male reader

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Of love I will scream, echoing eternally. No one knows you more than I. Like two planets we collide

But at last we found a light to guide us

Never wavering. Our emotions flying free,. Living on the egde of hope. Towards your light I'll always go. Because the dream we always shared,

Leads to you

This story follows the anime not the manga and English isn't my first language! Hope you like it!(Season 1 is a bit "meh" compared to the other seasons, when I'm done with de series I'm gonna rewrite season 1 completely)

Started- 12/6/2022 or 6/12/2022
Season 1- finished Season 2- finished
Season 3- finished Season 4- finished
Editing process- X Season 5- ongoing

Covers are all made by me <3

Chapter list

- Last updated at 23:56 19-05-2024

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