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Qi An'an has shown unparalleled medical talent since she was a child, and was carefully cultivated by Mr. Qi as his heir.

Just when the old man was expecting his granddaughter to be famous in the medical world in the future, he suddenly learned that his granddaughter had chosen a major that had nothing to do with medicine in college, and he was so angry that he almost passed out!

It's a pity that the deal is done, and the old man can't change it.

In a rage, he went straight to the city where his granddaughter went to college.

A few years later-artificial intelligence was born! Holographic online games are no longer a dream! The gene fluid bombardment that can change physical fitness and increase lifespan appears! A man's dream mecha becomes a reality! ...

One after another, inventions capable of changing the world appeared one after another.

Countless people have been stunned by the leaping progress of the country.

Even the people of China can't believe that the father of the country has suddenly become so awesome!

At this time, Qi An'an appeared on the news broadcast.

Looking at Qi An'an, who was indifferent and beautiful in the news broadcast, and learned that the achievements of super-high speed that have promoted the development of the times in recent years were all led by her, everyone went crazy.

Mr. Qi, who was also sitting in front of the TV, looked at the familiar face of his granddaughter, spewed out a sip of tea, and his face was full of disbelief.

This is his granddaughter?

That medical genius granddaughter?

The old man looked dull, and even suspected that he was hallucinating!


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