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Category: Romance
(Book One) Do you ever feel as if your life has yet to begin? I've been alive for almost seventeen years now and absolutely nothing has ever happened to me. Not until I met a girl who kick-started my life. She introduced me to love, sex, scandal, excitement, and heartbreak. For some inexplicable reason, this girl invited a forgettable girl like me to tag along on her adventures.

This is a bisexual story of a "nondescript" average girl struggling to discover herself and falling in love with someone unexpected her best friend

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Status: COMPLETEDThis is not a smut book‼️DO NOT STEAL/REPOST MY IMAGINES‼️If you find my book on a website and not on this app, it's been posted without my permission.This book will include:SeriesSnapchatsTextLil bit of angstHumor (I tried)FluffAUsSteamy moments (NO SMUT)Started: March 15, 2019 (roughly)Finished: September 30, 2020Hit 500K reads July 6, 2020Hit 1 million reads June 16, 2021

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"You know Park Jimin. Yeah I'm his twin Park Jinee nice to meet you."Yes its hard to believe but its true Jimin has a secret twin sister and Jimin wants a break form being an idol so he ask his twin to take over. Jinee agrees and takes Jimin's place since they look almost identical. Only catch is that Jinee is a girl. "I grew up with two brothers how hard is it to handle six more."

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❝Promise me you won't leave me Park Y/n... ❞ He whispers softly into my ear. You're 23 years old and you live with your twin brother Park Jimin and his 6 other band members. You're a stylist for them and you go to every practice with them. After losing your Boyfriend, Jackson Wang, you notice something different about your life. Little did you know someone was in love with you, and your life is about to change for the better. (A/N- There is alot of death in this book because apparently that's all 13 year old me could think of to write. Sorry if its cringe )© 2018 BambiiyaDO NOT STEAL!Check out my other stories:▪ Sharp.▪ Stay

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