Mysterious time traveller to age of Mahabharat  [ Discontinued ]

Mysterious time traveller to age of Mahabharat [ Discontinued ]

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Gargee, is a very intelligent, beautiful and a sassy attitude type of girl. She has a weird kind of love for ancient weapons especially Bow and arrow( Dhanush ban). She has great love for music, art and dance . In simple words she is an allrounder.
She is in love with Mahabharat epic.
She is currently 25 years old and an entrepreneur and CEO of DIVINE company.Her company is successful and they make different kind of electronic gadgets.
Due to her love for Mahabharat , she decides to make time machine with her highly skilled bunch of employees . She believes that if she succesfully made time machine , she can travel back in time to watch mahabharat actually happening.
Their company made a time machine but they were unsure whether it will work , but no one was ready to sacrifice themselves for testing it.
So atlast Gargee sacrificed herself but something went wrong in time machine and she fell onto the ground in completely different world.

But little did she know that she will be a major part in the future of this world because it the era of mahabharat. Though she loved mahabharat but when she fell in different era, her memory about knowing mahabharat was magically lost and she became totally unfamilier to the place.

This is my first story. There can be some grammatical or spelling errors. So please forgive me for that.

DISCLAIMER -This story is completely imaginary. It is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or respect for religion. But if it's hurting you in any way then you can leave reading it immediately.
The story of the mahabharat will be bit different but I will try to align it with actual story as much as possible.

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#3 in Mythological on 19/3/23

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