Mysterious death on Argo II

Mysterious death on Argo II

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Just kick back and enjoy this wacky fanfiction

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Fight For You

When Emily applies for a position as a caregiver for Daniel, a boy with a permanent spinal cord injury, she never thought she'd also be dealing with his brash fighter of a brother, Lucas. Emily soon becomes involved in the world of fighting that seems to constantly surround Lucas as he attempts to find retribution for his brother. Can Emily help heal the relationship between the two brothers while also caring for the seemingly brute professional fighter? Will Lucas lower his barriers enough for Emily to do so?
Eight | W2S

Eight people. One group. One rule - don't cross the boundary.
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[COMPLETED] (BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial killer known as The Maestro...everyone around her becomes a possible suspect. With the help of Detective Jax Michaels, will Dani be able to stop this symphony of murder? Or will this unlikely duo fall victim to the very madman they're chasing? ----- THE DREAM SERIES: Book One: Dream Catcher Book Two: Dreamscape Book Three: Dream Hunter Book Four: Dream Phantom
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Most people had the ability to say that their best friend was their sister, but all my sister had done was betray me by messing with my fiance behind my back. Even if I was the kind of sweet girl who was only a hopeless romantic, I had my limits, and heartbreak was one of them. After a wild night of partying, I woke up, hungover in an unfamiliar room, apparently belonging to Cole Morettie. He was the kind of man who made you want to stop in a second - even if you were in public. Not to mention he wanted me all to himself. Some chapters will be private due to content, so follow to read them!!! Delete the book, log out and back in then readd it. Cover Credit: Punkxst The Italian Beast. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.This work is registered and protected on
Echoes of heroes, Invincible x Ocs

In a world where heroes rise and fall, Nagisa Shiotaemerges from the shadows of tragedy with the legacy of his heroic lineage weighing heavy upon him. Born into a family of revered heroes, fate dealt him a cruel hand as his parents perished, leaving behind a legacy of service and sacrifice. Supported by the stalwart Cecil, Nagisa navigates the turbulent waters of grief and isolation, finding solace in the company of a few cherished souls.With a power bestowed upon him by lineage and circumstance, Nagisa embodies the essence of the reptilian kingdom. His abilities, mirroring the strength of Komodo dragons and the cunning of crocodiles, grant him a formidable arsenal against villainy. Yet, beneath the surface lies a perilous truth-a darkness that threatens to consume him, transforming him into the feral entity known only as Naga.Beside him stands Kyoka Jiro, a beacon of resilience amidst her own tumultuous past. Endowed with powers that once haunted her, she embraces the moniker of Discord, weaving sound into a symphony of strength and protection. Together, they forge an unbreakable bond, their shared burdens paving the path towards redemption and retribution.As they navigate the treacherous landscape of heroism, Nagisa and Kyoka must confront their inner demons while battling foes both tangible and ethereal. With each clash, they inch closer to unlocking the true extent of their powers, unraveling mysteries that threaten to shatter the fragile peace of their world.
Kidnapped By My Mate

~Completed~ but in serious need of editing (some character faults I personally don't like, and I would like to change the timeline a bit). However, that will be off a bit in the future, so feel free to read this as it is!~~~I gasped in pain as my back hit the ground, my head bouncing off the floor right after it. The door slammed shut and footsteps echoed through the room towards where I was laying. Once the dots of lights left my eyes I saw the ceiling, but it wasn't of the room I was normally in, this one wasn't textured like the other one. I felt his hands grip my arms, pulling me up. I snapped my eyes shut as he pressed me against the wall. I started to shake, afraid of what he was going to do. "You tried to leave." ~~ Cheyenne is a 21-year-old college student who works part time as a bartender. Markus is a 23-year-old who is Alpha of the Shadow Moon Pack. What happens when Cheyenne, also known as Chey, runs into Markus, who just so happens to be her mate? Will she leave her current boyfriend to be with him or will Markus have to go to the extremes to get his soul mate?
King Arthur: Legends of The Sword

Based on the film King Arthur: Legend of The Sword. Salem is apart of the sword as well as Arthur. Their destinies have been interwoven since they were children. When they finally meet, they both instantly feel the connection. Salem must help Arthur become the King he is destined to be. rough draft/ I know the grammar and spell isn't great :) in the process of writing the rest Scarlett/Salem is my character.All rights belong to Warner Brothers.
The hero of 5 teenage boys. ||TBP FIX-IT AU||

Finney Blake just wanted to die in that basement and he did but decided to go back in time to help the ghost boys.(I might say a lot of the same things! I am not a good writer.)

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MeltDown The Original Draft

THIS STORY WILL NOT BE UPDATED!Have you ever wondered how the original draft of my story looked like?Now is your opportunity. This book has been discontinued but I would love for you the reader to look and see how much has changed from the original.If you are new here please I urge you to read the new version of Meltdown. Its better in terms of grammar...Well basically in every aspect but I hope you enjoy this still! <3Thank you for 6 years of Melt Down!

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To Be a Rebel: A Star Wars Story

Unrest in the galaxy. The time of the Republic has passed, and the normalities of the fallen era have become mere myths in the reality of the Empire's shadow. The Rebel Alliance, led by Mon Mothma and others, is forever expanding, albeit little by little - though the rebels will take any sort of victory they can get. With their new base of operations, and their reveal to the Empire preceded by the rescue of Jedi Kanan Jarrus, things are starting to heat up. More busy than ever, the rebel agents are dispatched all across the galaxy, collecting intel, running mercy missions, and recruiting mercenaries. Meanwhile, on the planet Mera of the Aoes system, a certain teenager has no idea what's in store for her after meeting a certain lekku-adorned star-pilot.

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Incorrect quotes with the dsmp!

Will include Beeduo, Karlnap, Tntduo, and Dnf.

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Michael Clifford is a well known criminal. He started off with robberies and muggings and soon gained the title of "murderer" after an accident that occurred during a robbery. Since then, he's taken a liking to the whole "killing" scene. One thing he's never done, however, is kidnapping...But that's about to change when he meets school student Luke Hemmings.

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The Journey of Middle School

This book is about my life through my middle school years. I have been through a lot of things (good and bad.) The moral of this story is always have friends that you can count on, instead of relying on people to make you popular. Thank you guys so much just to read this, this means so much to me. I hope you stick around for my next book!!!

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Fifteen years ago, Order 66 rang out across the galaxy, bending the mind of every clone to the will of Darth Sidious. The Jedi have fallen and passed nearly into legend, the reality of the Clone Wars and those involved is much the same. The Republic is no more, and the Empire reaches nearly every habitable planet in the galaxy. Children are conscripted into the Imperial Navy, glory to the new Empire proudly displayed on every poster and holo-cast. But some go missing. Children with above-average presence in the Force. On the city-planet of Coruscant, a small crew has landed just hoping to get some cargo, make some credits, and keep flying. But with the Captain, first mate, and muscle currently employed on the freighter... well let's just say a simple fare simply wasn't in the cards.

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๐“๐‡๐„ ๐„๐๐ƒ๐ˆ๐๐† โ€ข Neil Perry

๐“๐‡๐„ ๐„๐๐ƒ๐ˆ๐๐†'It starts and ends with you and me.'When a young girl finds herself stuck in a movie, she quickly learns that the only way out is to make it to the ending. But when an ill-fated character worms his way into her life, she fears the consequences of altering the narrative. (Dead Poets Society Fan Fiction) (Completed Novella)

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Stardew Valley Parenthood Scenarios

Want to see what you and your new husband are like as parents? Or see how what kind of people your children become?A sequel to my last book, "Stardew Valleg Boyfriend Scenarios," you don't have to read that book to read this one, but it'd be cool if you did anyway!Readers will be gender neutral unless stated otherwise at the beginning of the chapter!Art, characters, and songs do not belong to me!

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Minecrafter x Reader Imagines

- SkyDoesMinecraft - MinecraftUniverse - Deadlox - TheSyndicateProject - CaptainSparklez - MunchingBrotato - AntVenom +Plus more if requested

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