My Star's Light is Overrated |✓

My Star's Light is Overrated |✓

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Category: Humor
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#29 in Teen Fiction 02/11/16

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this story when I was thirteen, so I'm sure that there are A TON of mistakes and plot holes. Reader's discretion is advisable.

❝Even through the cloudy nights of gloom and gray, it is a star's light that brings out a new Day❞

When a girl starts off a new school for the first time in her life, she obviously expects it to be far from sunshine and happiness. Especially if she's joined in the middle of the school year and used to be able to get up whenever she wanted, had her very own governess and lived out in the boonies.

Not Day Winters.

Meet the girl who defies logic of every kind, as she faces the real world for what it is despite holding a huge secret- that she is an online blogger with more than half of the world's population in love with her. This population however, isn't in love with Day, but her online form Starlight24.

In an endless roller coaster of love, secrets, fights and friendship, Day is forced to accept the fact that even a Star's light will eventually burn out, and that even her own flame may flicker out into an overrated Daydream.


© 2015 All rights reserved.


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