My Real Diary

My Real Diary

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I know it's been done before, but I decided to use this as my real life diary for all the world to see. Yay!?

Updated regularly


I'm a 21 year old mother currently living with my husband's family. Drama ensues constantly. Enjoy.

(Names and locations have been changed for privacy reasons.)

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A melodious laugh suddenly resonated in Anamika's ears as she looked in the direction from where it came. Anamika was mesmerised at what she saw.Eklavya was laughing heartily as he played around with the pups. Who also were chasing him with great pleasure.Anamika had always seen him with a frown etched on his heavenly crafted face, eyes jaded with annoyance, an overwhelming hauteur looming around him. But never had she seen him so carefree as he was looking at this moment.Fooling around with the pups as they chased after him, the smile on his face made him look amiable, his face glowing with cheeriness. At this moment he didn't look forbidden but rather amicable.The pups seemed to sense her presence as they hurriedly ran towards her and successfully placing his attention on her. Laughing at their enthusiasm she gave the bags to Rudra and captured both the pups in her arms.Eklavya strolled towards them leisurely with his eyes on the brown-haired girl who was busy teasing the little pups. "What are their names?" He asked in his usual deep voice that never failed to arrest her senses. And suddenly her lips felt dry and instinctively she moved her tongue over them sensuously. And the action didn't go unnoticed by his perceiving deep eyes.And so, her absolute resolution of avoiding him came crashing down horribly.~~~~~~~~Anamika is a 16 years old girl, and had just returned to her roots after staying for two long years in Varanasi. Now, she's back in Dehradun.With a family that includes her crazy grandparents, an elder sister and a little brother along with her parents, of course, Anamika is all set to have a blast these oncoming years.But what she never expected was to fall on a complete stranger on her first day at Dehradun, that too on her best friend's cousin, the brooding angel, Eklavya.~~~~~~~Swarna_Mriga. Eklavya@2019. Cover. All rights to its owner.
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