My Mythical journey

My Mythical journey

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My journey as a mythical and a idiot.

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Ella Mae Emerson, the girl who stays hidden at all costs, the girl who likes to be alone with eyes glued to the floor, words coming out as stutters, and nervousness her own personal shadow. She's just a girl who's trying to make it through the day with anxiety clinging to her back.Declan Olin Anderson, the new kid who transferred with drooling features and a charming attitude. Football is his sport, you could say he's quite the stellar athlete who's got game both on and off the field. If you push he'll pull, he doesn't quit because no good athlete does.She wasn't like him and he wasn't like her. They each got their own problems but finding each other wasn't one of them.*"You're beautiful Ellie, that's why they're staring." He whispers into my ear. My cheeks go hot as my eyes meet his. I don't know why, but when Declan calls me beautiful I get this feeling that I can't describe. He makes me feel so special. At this moment it's just me and him, he smirks and adds, "You're my girl, not theirs, they are jealous and they should be."Completed - 12/28/19
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!!!STORY NOT MINE. FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY!!!ORIGINAL TITLE: 修仙农家乐AUTHOR: 清尊When Yi Chenjing ascended through the tribulation, he mistakenly flew to a small world where spiritual energy was lacking. His cultivation level dropped drastically and he was unable to survive. In order to make a living, he was almost deceived into digging coal mines. Later, he opened a farmhouse in the mountains, raised chickens, ducks and cranes, and barely managed to survive.I heard that a sick man lived in the villa at the foot of the mountain. He was a rich young man who came from the city to the countryside to recuperate. Yi Chenjing came to sell the stupid eggs door-to-door.As the heir to the Yin family, Yin Shenyi has been anorexic since he was a child. His health has deteriorated year by year, and his position as heir is in jeopardy. In the name of letting him recuperate, his family elders sent him to a villa in a rural mountain village.One day, a strangely dressed teenager knocked on the door of his house, carrying a basket and selling his stupid eggs in a serious manner.Yi Chenjing discovered that Young Master Bingyangzi was a good candidate for cultivating immortality. In order not to bury his talent, he planned to take him to become an immortal. Who never expected that Young Master Bingyangzi was actually the real big boss in this world? ? ?Where is the good disciple you promised? Gone-Later, they became Taoist couples. ^ ^One-sentence introduction: One hand is for cultivating immortality and the other is for love. Both hands must be tough.Content tags: Traveling through time and space, farming literature, immortal cultivation, management, relaxation, spiritual energy recoverySearch keywords: Protagonist: Yi Chenjing, Yin Shenyi ┃ Supporting roles: Tianji, Meng He, etc. ┃ Others: Farming, Cultivation, Farmhouse, City, New Year
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HIGHEST RANKING: #1 IN WEREWOLF[[*COMPLETED*]]Nova is the daughter of a Beta.And her mate? The Alphas first born son.When they discover what they are to each other, it's a little too late. Because her beloved mate has come home with his shame in tow. A she wolf he impregnated while training in the north for the summer. He shattered their moon.But the she wolf has a secret.And Nova isn't going to let her get away with stealing what is hers so easily. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡This story is full of twists and turns that will leave you crying, laughing, angry, throwing phones, etc. It is a journey that many have delved in over and over again, unable to let go of Nova, Eden, and Zaryn. I hope you too will love the story and accept the invitation to embark on a journey that will leave you fulfilled and leaves a smile on your face.Enjoy.COMPLETE
Yadavi:The Name Of Yearning ✔️

Arjun, the valiant son of queen Kunti was on exile for twelve years as he had disturbed the privacy of his brother Yudhishthir with their common wife, Empress Draupadi. In his exile he got two glorious princesses as wives. He had been blessed with the company of sages which contributed towards his wisdom in a colossal way. Even after getting all those, he had been waiting for his yearning, Yadavi to grace his life. Yadavi was a mystery to everyone as being the incarnation of Goddess Yogmaya, the divine illusion herself. So, more than the discussion about her mesmerising beauty and maturity around Arjun, the fact of she being a mystery had attracted him towards her making him fall for her, gradually. His yearning for her continued to increase in all those years of his exile. After all, the rage of love for the girl who was sister of Krishn, the greatest lover of universe wasn't easy to be relaxed without getting united with her. "My yearning isn't my agony. It's the aspiration of my life which is leading me towards getting your love," Arjun sighed followed by a smile of content. On the other hand, Subhadra aka Yadavi, the virtuous princess of Yadav clan was curious to meet Arjun after being influenced by his praising around. She had assumed her curiosity as an obvious tendency, but little did she know about the feeling which kept flourishing in her heart along with curiosity."Though I have only hope of meeting you yet that hope has a firm hold over my heart," Subhadra smiled as same of Arjun.What will happen when yearning meet curiosity? Will their love bloom simply or will have to face barriers before that?Cover credit: @Prachi_2009Header credit: @exuberant_girl10

You getting bullied.... you being put down....You bored..... Are you looking for some awesome comebacks.....WelcomeI do not own any of there comebacks. Just through they were good. Found them on the internet. I also don't own any of the images, pictures,memes or videos that are in any of my books including this book There are not meant to offend any one of you. I'm am sorry if they do. If so just message me
Older Brothers | ✓

When the fierce and bitchy Lila Alfonso is suddenly thrown into the custody of her five elder brothers, will she be able to forget the past differences and live like a perfect family or will her exceptionally big ego ruin it like always?
Paper Dolls

When the most popular Kpop idol on the planet falls to her death, an aspiring singer is thrown into the spotlight, attracting the attention of an obsessive fan who claims to know the truth.***Kpop girl group Sweet Poison is undeniably the biggest girl group in the world, and lead singer Dalia the most popular idol on the planet. But at the peak of her career, no one expects the idol to throw herself off a thirty story building on what will become a historic day in entertainment history. Ruled as a suicide, her death shocks the industry and millions mourn the unexpected demise of their favourite celebrity. Just as suddenly, trainee Kang Jina is thrown into the spotlight when her childhood association with Dalia is leaked to the media.Stifled by the newfound attention and stress of her debut, Jina feels as though she'll drown under all the pressure. That is until she receives a most shocking letter from Dalia's sassaeng (obsessive fan) claiming that she was murdered instead.

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