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Category: Romance
It had been 300 years since Bai Fengjiu was crown as the Queen of QingQiu. She was said to be extremely beautiful and graceful only second to her Aunt who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the nine realm that even Heaven was jealous of them.

Fengjiu had tried hard to forget her first love all these years just to be sway by him again..

But she could no longer play around as she used to.She was now the Queen of East.She must not let herself bring shame to her people.

She was force to attend her aunt and uncle in law wedding and perhaps it was the biggest mistake yet....

the more she avoid him , the more fate bring them together. It is said that they are not meant to be together..yet why is it so hard to stop loving him?!Why is it so hard for her to stay away from him?!

her feelings for him was resurfacing once again.

and she couldn't deal was tearing her apart..knowing that he would once again reject her

what would she do?
would she follow her heart?
or ...?

// do note that I will use some character from the novel as well,
all the characters in here does not belong to me, it is rightfully belong to Tang Qi Gong Zi//

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