My Little Chicken Nugget || Dad!Hawks x Daughter!Reader

My Little Chicken Nugget || Dad!Hawks x Daughter!Reader

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Probably the most wholesome story of Dad Hawks you will ever read.

((On an indefinite Hiatus but spin-offs of this story are welcome!))

You're Hawks' daughter, well done! For the sake of his youthful age, you're adopted, but he loves you no less than if you were his own! This is just a story of you and DadHawks' wholesome interactions as you go about life, so please enjoy!

Started: July 14th 2020
Ended: (Still ongoing)

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Title - 心有凌熙Author - Mo Li ( 莫里 )Genres - Comedy, Romance, Yaoi Chapters - 46 chapters + 4 extrasP.S. This is a purely fan-made translation. I hope y'all keep in mind that this cannot be considered as accurately translated.

26.8K 51 4.5K Full