My Innocent Baby Boy

My Innocent Baby Boy

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Ever heard of those stories where the girl falls first but the boy falls harder?

Yep. Exactly the same thing here; Kang Hea. A brat. Troublemaker. Bad girl. Cursing is her second language, skips school a lot, pulls pranks, very dirty minded and would make a dirty joke even in the most serious conversations.

What happens when she meets her total opposite, Park Jimin, the innocent nerd boy.

She falls for him at first sight but will he fall for her and reciprocate her love?

Will he just judge her like the others?

She's completely smitten for him, but what will he feel towards her?


"Yah. Look at me, Baby Boy."

"L-let's just focus on the subject."

"Are you blushing?"



A story that includes a lot violent language and dirty jokes.
So please skip if you're uncomfortable.

Author: Mehersingh13


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Go cry abt this being nsfw. they are objects, and most of them are of age; therefore you have NOTHING to whine about.(Help by most of age i meant most object shows only have adults)

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