My Giant Family

My Giant Family

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Category: Fantasy

Fifteen year old Finn Williams, is apart of a giant family, literally.

A seventeen year old brother, a crazy in love puppy. Axel Williams.

A eighteen year old brother, a senior with a rep. Daniel Williams.

a sweet little girl who always wears a bow. twelve year old sister, Lola Williams.

His step-dad, let's just say he's old, a hard working dad who cares for his wife and children. Lincoln Williams.

And his beautiful mother, a beautiful woman who cares for all. Ash Williams.

Lincoln and his mother married when he was seven and had been together as a family for eight years.

They are an average family, sort of. The only thing that's a bit different about this family is, Lincoln and his children, are giants. Vareshian are giants of this world, just like humans but huge!

Join Finn on a giant journey, literally. Through school, with his giant family, a girl and a new giant that decides to take the piss out of him.

If you like G/T stories like me. Give this one a go. You might like it?

Has a bit of offensive language (cause seriously, we all swear. Don't deny it) contains bullying and well... GIANTS! Cause their cool.

Cover made by yours truly, but not my photo I just edited it a bit and added a title then BOOM it became a majestical turtle.

Read to find out more. Cause my descriptions aren't very good 😊

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Our master examines the entire home where bugs reside even the areas which if for add. Our kreshco trouble control affiliation can even game plan with uncontrolled kissing bugs issues and perceive even from the meaning of hid spots. Bed bug exterminators in my area diminish all the danger of developing bed bugs and quit causing them to foster more. Continuously the work that is being circulated to the affiliation is finished with a genuine game-plan so if our affiliation is doing the when the sales will come for our exterminators they will begin chipping away at it with better plans that incorporate the stuff they will use for the annihilation. Since the space should be inspected before it is overseen bed bugs.

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